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From the Forum: Megalophopia - Fear of Large Objects


Rain Blanken writes: "I was wondering how common the fear of large objects is. I am a pretty fearless person in most regards, but anytime I get near something like a statue, blimp, airplane, etc., I suddenly turn into a shaking weirdo. I don't want to run away from these objects, I can control the fear, but I shake and sometimes even feel sick. I just learned that this weirdness has a name, 'megalophobia'.

It's sort of like these objects are monsters. Buildings are not part of this fear, I believe I see them as inanimate. This is more connected to objects that are capable of moving, or give the appearance of movement or sentient thought. The idea of being next to a whale or the hull of a ship terrifies me. I saw a cruise ship at a dock for the first time last month and nearly freaked out, the feeling was overwhelming. As though it were looking at me..."

Have you ever felt this way around large objects, or do you have experience with another type of phobia that you would like to share with others?

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