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List of the World's Top 25 Universities for Psychology


Psychology universities
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  • The UK-based QS education network has released their reputation rankings of the world's top universities for a variety of subjects including psychology. Harvard University was ranked number one in the world for psychology, biological sciences and medicine. Psychology has a long history at Harvard. The university's psychology department was created by the eminent thinker William James and psychology is one of the most popular courses at the undergraduate level. In 2007, the Chronicle of Higher Education found that the school produced more psychology research than any other university in the United States.

    The rankings are based on a survey of more than 13,000 academics from 131 different countries. Reputations scores were based on the number of times respondents identified institutions as being the "best" in their field of expertise. You can learn more about how the rankings were compiled here and see a list of top 100 universities for psychology here.

    For psychology, the top 25 universities were:
    1. Harvard University
    2. University of Cambridge
    3. Stanford University
    4. University of Oxford
    5. University of California, Berkeley
    6. University of California, Los Angeles
    7. Yale University
    8. The University of Melbourne
    9. Princeton University
    10. McGill University
    11. The University of Sydney
    12. UCL (University College London)
    13. University of Toronto
    14. University of Chicago
    15. University of Michigan
    16. University of British Columbia
    17. Columbia University
    18. The University of Tokyo
    19. Cornell University
    20. Australian National University
    21. University of Pennsylvania
    22. National University of Singapore
    23. New York University
    24. Carnegie Mellon University
    25. Peking University

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