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Kendra Cherry

Pioneers of Psychology: Edward B. Titchener

By May 29, 2013

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Edward B. Titchener

Edward B. Titchener was an influential figure in the formative years of psychology. As one of Wundt's students, Titchener is perhaps best remembered for establishing the school of thought known as structuralism. This early viewpoint in psychology focused on breaking down human consciousness into the smallest possible elements. Researchers utilized a method known as introspection, which involved having trained observers describe the mental processes that occurred when they were presented with different stimuli.

Titchener is also known for coining the term empathy and for supervising the graduate studies of Margaret Floy Washburn, the first woman to earn a Ph.D. in Psychology. While Titchener served as a powerful force in psychology, the school of thought he helped establish did not survive long following his death in 1927.

Learn more about his life and career in this brief biography of Edward B. Titchener.


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