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Kendra Cherry

A Look at Some Different Theories of Leadership

By February 20, 2014

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Leadership Theories

How exactly do people become leaders? Leadership is a topic of interest in social psychology and there are a number of theories that attempt to explain different aspects of leadership. Do certain qualities make people great leaders, or do situational factors play a role? Are leaders born, or is leadership a skill that can be learned?

Early leadership theories focused on what qualities distinguished between leaders and followers, while subsequent theories looked at other variables such as situational factors and skill level. Despite the wide variety of leadership theories, most can be categorized under one of eight broad outlooks.

Learn more about these major theories of leadership.

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March 24, 2014 at 12:59 am
(1) Amelia Smith-Dodgson says:

To answer some of your questions, there are definitely certain qualities that make people great leaders. These competencies serve to attract an atmosphere of high motivation with high performance in the workplace. These superior leaders are naturally self-aware and know how to inspire greatness from others. The most successful leaders learn to act as coaches to improve teamwork and profits for a company. Skills can certainly be learned through coaching leadership. http://www.align4profit.com

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