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Quiz - What's Your Leadership Style?
Learn more about your leadership style.

Have you ever wondered what type of leader you really are? Psychologist Kurt Lewin identified three major leadership styles.

Learn which best describes your leadership style in this 18 question quiz. For each question, choose the option that best describes how you typically act in each given situation.

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Learn more about leadership and leadership styles:

  • Leadership Theories
    Theories of leadership are generally one of eight different types. Learn more about the eight major leadership theories.

  • Lewin's Leadership Styles
    Kurt Lewin's 1939 study identified three major leadership styles. Learn more about this influential contribution to leadership research.

  • 10 Things You Can Do To Become a Better Leader
    Have you ever wished you could be a stronger, more confident leader? Well here are ten things you can do now to start polishing your leadership skills.

  • What Is Transformational Leadership?
    Transformational leaders are often described as inspiring, motivating, passionate, and enthusiastic. Do you have what it takes to become a transformational leader?

  • The Situational Theory of Leadership
    How much of a role does the situation play in determining which leadership style will work best? According to the situational theory of leadership, quite a bit. Learn more.

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