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Classical Conditioning - An Introduction With Examples - Psychology
Classical conditioning is a type of learning that had a major influence on the school of thought in psychology known as behaviorism. Discovered by Russian ...
Classical Conditioning - About.com Psychology
Classical conditioning is a learning technique that is often used in behavioral training.
Classical Conditioning - Overview of Classical Conditioning
Classical conditioning is one of the most important concepts in behavioral psychology. Learn more about the classical conditioning process, how it was ...
Pavlov's Dogs & the Discovery of Classical Conditioning - Psychology
The concept of classical conditioning is studied by every entry-level psychology student, so it may be surprising to learn that the man who first noted this ...
Classical vs Operant Conditioning - Psychology - About.com
Can you tell the different between classical and operant conditioning. Learn how they differ in several important ways and explore a few examples.
Principles of Classical Conditioning - Psychology - About.com
In addition to the basic classical conditioning process, there are a number of phenomena that play a role in classical conditioning. Find information on ...
Classical and Operant Conditioning Study Guide - Psychology
This study guide offers an overview of classical and operant conditioning, including major thinkers and key terms.
What Is Acquisition ? (Classical Conditioning)
Acquisition refers to the first stages of learning when a response is established. In classical conditioning, it refers to the period of time when the stimulus comes ...
What Is a Conditioned Taste Aversion? - Psychology - About.com
A conditioned taste aversion is a classically conditioned avoidance of certain foods. These conditioned responses occur when eating a food is followed by ...
What Is Discrimination in Classical Conditioning? - Psychology
In classical conditioning, discrimination is the ability to differentiate between a conditioned stimulus and other stimuli that have not been paired with an ...
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