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What Is Fluid Intelligence? - Psychology - About.com
Fluid intelligence involves thinking abstractly and reasoning quickly and tends to decline with age.
Fluid Intelligence and Crystallized Intelligence
While many people claim that their intelligence seems to decline as they age, research suggests that while fluid intelligence begins to decrease after ...
Crystallized Intelligence - About.com Psychology
Crystallized intelligence along with its counterpart, fluid intelligence, are both factors of what psychologist Raymond Cattell described as general intelligence.
Theories of Intelligence - an Overview - Psychology - About.com
While there are numerous theories of intelligence, psychologists do not agree on a ... Fluid vs. Crystallized Intelligence · Multiple Intelligences · Emotional ...
Does Intelligence Decline with Aging? - Mental Health - About.com
Psychologists use two major terms to identify different forms of intelligence. Fluid intelligence is tied to biology and deals with an individual's ability to make ...
General Intelligence (G Factor) - Psychology Glossary
General intelligence, also known as the g factor, refers to a person's underlying intelligence that influences performance on tests of ... What Is Fluid Intelligence?
What Is General Intelligence? - Definition - Learning Disabilities
Learn about general intelligence, what it is, how it is assessed, and its role in learning disabilities ... What Are Fluid Intelligence and Crystallized Intelligence?
Does Brain Training Really Increase IQ? - Psychology - About.com
While test preparation increases what psychologists refer to as crystallized intelligence, it does not increase what is known as fluid intelligence. Crystallized  ...
Lesson Nine - Intelligence - Psychology - About.com
Psychologist Raymond Cattell suggested that there are two different types of intelligence: fluid intelligence and crystallized intelligence. Learn more about the  ...
Intelligence & IQ Testing (History, Questions & Issues) - Psychology
Learn more about some of the major issues in intelligence and IQ testing. ... Fluid Intelligence vs Crystallized Intelligence · Emotional Intelligence · Biography of ...
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