1. Education
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Division 2 - Teaching of Psychology

Major Psychology Area – Teaching of Psychology


About the Teaching of Psychology

Division 2 of the APA strives to help teachers and students of psychology access the best resources and information needed for the teaching of psychology. The division offers free access to a number of teaching materials and promotes excellence in teaching through awards for excellence, educational lectures, and teaching programs.

America Psychological Association Division 2: Teaching of Psychology

  • "Division 2 - Society for the Teaching of Psychology promotes excellence in the teaching of psychology by encouraging research and reflection on teaching and learning, helping teachers share effective teaching techniques, and honoring the dedication and professionalism of teachers of psychology. The Society co-sponsors teaching programs at national and regional conferences, disseminates teaching and advising materials through its Office of Teaching Resources in Psychology and OTRP Web Site, supports an Instructional Research Award competition funding instructional projects related to the teaching of psychology, and presents national teaching awards. Members receive our outstanding quarterly journal, Teaching of Psychology." Division 2 Official Web Site

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