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Developmental Psychology

Developmental psychology focuses on human growth throughout the lifespan. Childhood is obviously a time of tremendous change, but people also continue to grow and develop during the early adult, middle age, and senior years. In this section, learn more about topics including child development, intellectual development, cognitive development, and the aging process.
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  4. Piaget's Stages (8)

What Is Child Psychology?
Child psychology is one of the many branches of psychology and focuses on the mind and behavior of children from prenatal development through adolescence.

Child Development Theories
Research on child development has yielded many theories on children's mental, emotional, and social development. Learn more about some of the major child development theories proposed by psychologists.

Issues in Developmental Psychology
There are a number of issues in developmental psychology, including the nature vs. nurture debate. Are we the product of genetics or the environment? Do early childhood experiences matter more than those that happen later in life? Explore these issues in greater depth.

Research Methods in Developmental Psychology
How exactly do psychologists study development? What techniques, strategies, and methods do they use?

Developmental Psychology Quiz
Are you trying to gauge how much you know about developmental psychology? Put your knowledge of developmental psychology to the test in this 10-question quiz. It can help give you a better idea of what areas you need to focus on in your studies.

5 Great Reasons to Study Human Development
Have you ever wondered why it is important to learn more about human development? Studying developmental psychology can help you better understand others, but it can also provide greater personal insight. Discover some more great reasons why you should study development.

Child Development Stages
If you need help making sense of the many different theories and models of child development stages, this handy summary chart can help.

10 Quick Facts About Child Development
Child development is a rich and fascinating subject. Get a quick overview with these ten interesting facts about child development.

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