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Learning Styles Based on Jung's Theory of Personality


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Sensing Learning Style
Learning Styles Based on Jung's Theory of Personality

Sensing learners are practical, realistic and focused on the external world.

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What Is a Sensing Learning Style?

Sensing learners are focused on aspects of the physical environment. Jung described these individuals as being interested in the external world. They tend to be realistic and practical, preferring to rely on information gained through experience. While people with a sensing learning style enjoy order and routine, they also tend to be very quick to adapt to changing environments and situations.

Number of Sensing Learners

Approximately 65% of learners have a sensing learning style.

Characteristics of Sensate Learners

  • Focuses on the present
  • Practical and reasonable
  • Utilizes experience and common sense to solve problems
  • Keenly observe the surrounding world

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