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Learning Styles Based on Jung's Theory of Personality


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Judging Learning Style
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Judging learners are organized, decisive and have strong opinions.

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What Is a Judging Learning Style?

Judging learners tend to be very decisive. In some cases, these learners may actually make decisions too quickly before learning everything they need to know about a situation. These learners prefer order and structure, which is why they tend to plan out activities and schedules very carefully. If you are highly organized, detail-oriented, and have strong opinions, you might be a judging learner.

Number of Judging Learners

Approximately 45% of people are judging learners.

Characteristics of Judging Learners

  • Do not like ambiguity or mystery
  • Tend to be firm in their decisions
  • Very organized and structured
  • Strong opinions
  • Generally follows the rules

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