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Psychology Quizzes

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Are you a psychology student interested in seeing how much you know about a particular topic in psychology? Or do you simply want to learn more about yourself? Whatever your goal may be, we've got a selection of academic and personality quizzes designed to challenge and entertain. Explore the academic section to find quizzes on a wide range of topics within psychology, and then be sure to check out the section on personality quizzes.

Academic Psychology Quizzes

Academic psychology quizzes
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General Psychology

  • Psychology 101 Quiz - This 43-question quiz covers the basic topics you would learn about in an introductory psychology course.

  • Specialty Areas in Psychology Quiz - See if you can match the description of a psychologist with the correct specialty area in this 10-question quiz.

  • Who Am I? - Based on each description of the life of a famous psychologist, see if you can identify the correct individual.

Personality Psychology

If you are enrolled in a personality psychology class, you may find some of these quizzes useful. After taking each quiz, use your score to determine whether you might need additional study or assistance in a particular area.

Developmental Psychology

  • Development Quiz -This brief, 10-question quiz covers some of the basics of developmental psychology.

  • Cognitive Development Quiz - See how much you know about Jean Piaget's theory of cognitive development in this helpful quiz.

Personality Quizzes

Personality quizzes
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  • The Psychology Career Quiz - Are you interested in a psychology career but not quite sure which area might be right for you? Take this quick career quiz to discover which specialty area might be the right choice based on your interests.

  • Leadership Style Quiz - This 18-question quiz is based on psychologist Kurt Lewin's three major styles of leadership. Learn more about which style best describes how you lead.

  • Romantic Attachment Style Quiz - According to attachment theory, your attachment style can have an impact on your romantic relationships. Learn more about your attachment style and how it might impact your relationships in this quiz.

  • Emotional Intelligence Quiz - Your emotional intelligence quotient (EQ) is your ability to perceive, control and evaluate emotions. Researchers have suggested that your EQ can affect life success and interpersonal communication. Learn more about your EQ by taking the emotional intelligence quiz.

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