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10 Quick Facts About Child Development

Child development is a rich and fascinating subject. Get a quick overview with these ten interesting facts about child development.

10 Quick Facts About Social Psychology

Social psychology reveals a great deal about the behavior of groups and individuals in social situations. Here are ten quick facts you should know.

Effects of Group Size on Problem Solving

A new study suggests that groups of three, four, and five perform better on problem solving tasks than do individuals working alone. Read more about this study and find information on additional resources.

Impact of Age and Mood on Information Processing

A new study published in Psychology and Aging suggests than information processing may be impacted by age and mood. Learn more about this study and find links to further reading.

Peer Exclusion and Classroom Achievement

A new study suggests than peer exclusion hurts student academic achievement and classroom participation. Learn more about this new study and find links to further reading.

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