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What Are the Major Perspectives in Social Psychology?


Question: What Are the Major Perspectives in Social Psychology?

Sociocultural Perspective

  • Stresses the importance of social norms and culture.

  • Proposes that children learn behavior through problem-solving interactions with other children and adults. Through these interactions, they learn the values and norms of their society.

Evolutionary Perspective

  • Argues that social behaviors developed through genetics and inheritance.

  • Emphasizes the role of biology and gene transmission across generations to explain current behavior.

Social Learning Perspective

  • Stresses the importance of unique experiences in family, school, community, etc.

  • According to this viewpoint, we learn behaviors through observing and mimicking the behavior of others.

Social-Cognitive Perspective

  • Supports an information processing model of social behavior, where we notice, interpret, and judge the behavior of others.

  • New experiences can either be assimilated (using already held beliefs to interpret the event), or accommodated (which involves changing existing beliefs in response to the event.)

  • By understanding how information is processed, we can better understand how patterns of thoughts impact behavior.

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