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Sleep – Stages, Theories & Problems with Sleep


From the ancient philosophers to modern pop culture, the nature and significance of sleep is an almost inescapable question. Understanding the sleep process as well and why we sleep is a topic of interest for many, while exploring some of the major problems with sleep is a topic of interest to anyone who has ever spent a restless night tossing and turning.

Stages of Sleep:

When you think of sleep, you might feel that it is a fairly uniform process. After all, you just fall asleep and that’s that, right? Not exactly. In reality, sleep progresses through a number of different stages that are marked by distinctive changes in brain activity. Learn more about these stages of sleep, the characteristics of each unique stage and the pattern that occurs during a typical night of sleep.

Why We Sleep:

While there are a several different theories to explain why we sleep, scientists are still do not have a hard and fast answer for exactly why we sleep. One of the major theories suggests sleep is important for repair and restoration of the mind and body. Learn more about some of these major theories of sleep in order to further explore this fascinating topic.

Problems with Sleep:

Anyone who has ever experienced a bout of insomnia knows that falling and staying asleep isn’t always so easy. Sleep disorders are a relatively common problem. Severe problems with sleep have even been linked to major depression and even suicide. Consider some of these common sleep disorders in order to learn about potential problems and possible causes for these problems with sleep.


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