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Women in Psychology

The contributions of women psychologists have often been overlooked throughout psychology's history. Learn more about the lives, careers, and theories of some of the best known women in psychology.

Important Women in Psychology History
The contributions of many of psychology's most eminent female thinkers have long been ignored, but that is starting to change as more history texts begin to recognize women such as Karen Horney, Mary Ainsworth, Leta Hollingworth and Christine Ladd-Franklin in their pages. Learn more about some of the most famous women in psychology.

Anna Freud Biography
Anna Freud was influenced by her father's psychoanalytic theories, but her own contributions to ego psychology and child psychoanalysis made her an important theorist in her own right. Learn more about her life, career, and contributions to psychology in this biography of Anna Freud.

Karen Horney Biography
Karen Horney made significant contributions to psychoanalysis, personality theory, and feminine psychology. Learn more about Karen Horney's life, career, and contributions to psychology.

Melanie Klein Biography
Melanie Klein was an Austrian psychoanalyst best known for creating the therapeutic technique known as play therapy. Learn more about her life, career, and theory in this brief biography of Melanie Klein.

Mary Whiton Calkins Biography
Mary Whiton Calkins is probably best-known as the first woman president of the American Psychological Association, but she made many more contributions to the field as well. Learn more about the life, career, and contributions of Mary Whiton Calkins.

Mary Ainsworth Biography
Learn more about developmental psychologist Mary Ainsworth in this brief biography of her life, career and contributions to psychology.

Mamie Phipps Clark Biography
Mamie Phipps Clark was a pioneering psychologist who faced considerable obstacles in psychology because of her race and her sex. Learn more about her life and legacy.

Sandra Bem Biography
Sandra Bem was a pioneering feminist psychologist perhaps best known for her gender schema theory and her research on socially-constructed gender roles.

Eleanor Maccoby Biography
Eleanor Maccoby is an eminent psychologist best-known for her research in developmental psychology and sex differences. Learn more about her life and work.

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