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Psychology: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
What's Your EQ? - Emotional Intelligence Test
What is your emotional intelligence quotient (EQ)? Take this quick quiz to discover how emotionally intelligent you really are.
Quiz - What's Your Leadership Style?
The classic model of leadership focuses on three major styles used by leaders. Take this quiz to learn more about your leadership style.
Psychology Career Quiz - Choosing a Psychology...
Which psychology career is right for you? Take this 10-question quiz to learn which psychology careers are best matched to your interests.
Left-Brain vs. Right-Brain: the Surprising Truth
Are people really left-brained or right-brained? Learn more about the truth about left-brain, right-brain dominance.
What's Your Romantic Attachment Style? -...
Research has shown that our attachments style can have an impact on our romantic relationships. What is your romantic attachment style? Take this quiz to learn more about your attachment style.
Multiple Intelligence Test
Multiple Intelligences Quiz What Type of Intelligence Do You Have? Psychologist Howard Gardner's theory
Extravert or Introvert Quiz
Are you an introvert or an extravert? Take this quick quiz to learn more about your personality.
Erikson's Psychosocial Stages Summary Chart
Erik Erikson described development that occurs throughout the lifespan. Learn more in this chart summarizing Erikson's stages of psychosocial development.
What Do Your Dreams Really Mean?
Do dreams really reveal your hidden fears and desires, or are they just reflections of daily life. Psychologists have offered a few different theories.
"Big Five" Personality Quiz
big five personality quiz personality profile: personality psychologists personality quiz dimensions of personality personality theories theories of personality
What Can You Do With a Degree in Psychology?
There are a number of career options available to students with a bachelor's degree in psychology. Discover how to apply your skills and explore your job options.
What's the Difference Between a Psychologist...
What's the difference between a psychologist and a psychiatrist? Here is a quick guide to the differences in education, training, and practice.
Understanding Erikson's Stages of Psychosocial...
Erik Erikson's theory of psychosocial development describes 8 stages, each of which plays a role in the development of personality and psychological skills.
How Emotionally Intelligent Are You?
What exactly is emotional intelligence? Discover what EQ is and the impact it might have on your life.
Do You Have a Genius IQ Score?
What exactly is considered a genius IQ score? Learn more about how IQ test scores are assessed and how many people identify genius IQ scores.
The 4 Stages of Cognitive Development in Young...
Psychologist Jean Piaget suggested that children go through four key stages of cognitive development. Learn more about his influential theory.
Is Your IQ Score Above Average?
Ever wonder what the average IQ is? Learn more about the average IQ on most modern tests of intelligence.
What Are Freud’s Stages of Psychosexual...
Freud's psychosexual development theory is both famous and controversial. Learn about each of the five stages and the role that conflict plays in each stage.
The 9 Highest Paying Psychology Careers: Which...
Psychology is a diverse and rewarding field, but it can also pay big bucks if you choose the right field. Discover some of the highest paying psychology jobs.
What's Your EQ? - Emotional Intelligence Test -...
What is your emotional intelligence quotient? Take this quiz to learn more about your emotional intelligence.
What Did Freud Really Believe about Personality...
Freud's psychoanalytic theory suggests there are three elements of personality - the id, the ego and the superego - that work together to form personality.
The Five Levels of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs
Abraham Maslow proposed a hierarchy of needs in which people are motivated to fulfill basic needs and reach the highest level known as self-actualization.
Can Color Really Change How You Feel and Act?
Color is all around us, but what impact does it really have on our moods, emotions, and behaviors? Color psychology seeks to answer this question.
Why Do We Dream? The Most Popular Theories
Have you ever wondered why you dream? This question has fascinated people since the beginning of recorded history, but today we still don't fully understand the purpose of dreams. Learn more about some of the most prominent theories of dreams.
What Can You Do With a Bachelor's Degree in...
Have you ever wondered exactly what kind of job you can have with a bachelor's degree in psychology? Learn more about some of the different types of entry-level careers that are available to psychology majors.
Do You Really Only Use 10 Percent of Your Brain?
Do we really only use 10 percent of our brains? Learn the story behind this popular myth and the truth about how much of your brain you really use.
How Classical Conditioning Works
Classical conditioning was discovered quite by accident, but has become important in understanding human and animal behavior. Learn how it works and explore a few examples.
All about Kohlberg's Theory of Moral Development
How do children develop a sense of morality? Kohlberg's theory of moral development was formed to explain the development of moral reasoning. Take a closer look at the six stages of this theory.
The10 Hottest Psychology Career Trends
Which psychology careers offer the best outlook for future job growth? These are just a few of the top psychology career trends in some of the fastest growing specialty areas.
The 10 Best Memory Improvement Tips
Cognitive psychologists have discovered a number of techniques to help improve memory. Learn more about some of these strategies and how you can apply these memory tips to your own studies.
Explore This List of Psychological Disorders
This list of psychological disorders describes different categories of mental disorders and offers examples of each type of psychological disorder. Learn more about the different types of mental disorders in this list of psychological disorders.
Reference Pages in APA Format
APA format reference lists should begin on a new page and all sources should be presented in alphabetical order. Learn more in this example of a reference page in APA format. Page 2.
What Is Cognitive Behavior Therapy?
Cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) is a type of psychotherapeutic treatment that helps patients to understand the thoughts and feelings that influence behaviors.
How Many Years of College Does It Take to...
How many years do you need to go to school to become a psychologist? Learn about different degree options and requirements for various careers in psychology.
The 4 Styles of Parenting
Research suggests that different parenting styles have an important impact on child development. Learn more about a parent's approach can impact a child's self-esteem, academic success, and happiness.
Learn the Basics of Psychology
Psychology is a diverse topic devoted to the study of the mind and behavior. Learn more about how psychology began and the role it plays today.
How Does Observational Learning Work?
Bandura's social learning theory suggests that people can learn though observation, including direct instruction, modeling, and imitation.
Learn the Basic Structures of Brain Anatomy
The brain can be divided into four lobes, each of which is associated with different functions. Learn more about the structure and function of the four lobes of the brain. Page 2.
See if a Forensic Psychology Career Is Right...
Forensic psychology involves applying psychology to the field of criminal investigation and the law. Learn more about training, typical salaries, benefits, and downsides in this profile of careers in forensic psychology.
Extrinsic vs. Intrinsic Motivation: What's the...
Extrinsic and intrinsic motivation can both impact behavior, but in different ways. Learn more about the differences between extrinsic and intrinsic motivation.
All about Operant Conditioning
Operant conditioning is one of the fundamental concepts in behavioral psychology. Learn more about the effects of rewards and punishments on behavior.
What Is Behaviorism?
Behaviorism was once a dominant force and thinkers like Watson and Skinner left a major mark on psychology. What exactly is behaviorism and how does it work?
What Are The Big 5 Personality Dimensions?
What are the five main dimensions of personality? Discover the broad traits that make up your overall personality.
Learn the Three Major Styles of Leadership
During the 1930s, a classic study identified three major leadership styles. Learn more about these different styles and the influence they had on leadership research.
What Do Industrial-Organizational Psychologists...
Industrial-organizational psychologists investigate workplace issues such as employee selection, organizational development, performance, and productivity.
10 Proven Ways to Become a Better Leader
Becoming a better leader can help you in many different areas of life, from school to the workplace. Check out these ten tips that can help you improve your leadership skills.
10 Facts You Should Know About Dreams
Dreams can be fascinating, exciting, terrifying or just plain weird. Learn more about some of the things that researchers have discovered in these ten facts about dreams.
The 5 Most Important Theories of Motivation
Motivation is the force that initiates, guides and maintains goal-oriented behaviors. The forces that lie beneath motivation can be biological, social, emotional or cognitive in nature. Learn more about some of the major theories of motivation.
Psychology 101 Quiz - Introduction to...
Test your knowledge of introductory psychology topics in this Psychology 101 quiz.
What Is Motivation?
Motivation is the force that guides our behaviors, but why exactly are we motivated to do the things we do? Discover what psychologists have learned.
How Do Early Attachments Shape Behavior?
Attachment theory is centered on the emotional bonds between people and suggests that our earliest attachments can leave a lasting mark on our lives.
The Age Old Debate of Nature Versus Nurture
The nature versus nurture debate is one of the oldest issues in psychology. It tackles the question of which is more important: inherited traits or learned behaviors?
What Do Clinical Psychologists Do?
Clinical psychologists assess, diagnose, and treat mental disorders. Learn more about what clinical psychologists do, where they work, and how much they earn.
What Are the Types of Nonverbal Communication?
Discover the eight different types of nonverbal communication and behavior including gestures, facial expressions and posture.
What Does a Criminal Psychologist Do?
Criminal psychologists are often portrayed on tv dramas, but what do these professional really do? Learn more about this exciting career path including where criminal psychologists typically work, how much education is required and how much you can earn by working in this field.
Learn About the Sensorimotor Stage of Cognitive...
The sensorimotor stage is the first stage in Piaget's theory of cognitive development. Learn more about the characteristics and major milestones of this period.
What's Different Between the Classical and...
Understand how classical and operant conditioning differ in several important ways.
The Four Stages of Sleep
Studies of human sleep have demonstrated that sleep progresses through a series of stages in which different brain wave patterns are displayed. Learn more about the stages of sleep.
Defense Mechanisms Quiz
Test your knowledge in this defense mechanisms quiz.
The Life, Work, and Theories of Sigmund Freud
Sigmund Freud's work had a lasting influence on psychology. Take a journey through his amazing life, his most astonishing theories, and his remarkable legacy.
What Is the Preoperational Stage of Cognitive...
The preoperational stage of cognitive development occurs between the ages of two and six. Learn more about the characteristics and major milestones of this stage.
Theories on Child Development
Research on child development has yielded many theories on children's mental, emotional, and social development. Learn more about some of the major child development theories proposed by psychologists.
What Does it Mean to Be Introverted?
Introversion is one of the major personality traits identified by many different personality theories. Learn more about about the characteristics of introversion.
Title Page Example
Your title page is the first page of your paper. Check out this example to ensure that your title page is in proper APA format.
What Is A Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of...
Are you trying to decide between a bachelor of arts (BA) or bachelor of science (BS) in psychology? Here are some key factors you need to consider.
The Oedipal Complex: One of Freud's Most...
A term used by Freud in his theory of psychosexual stages of development to describe a boy's feelings of desire for his mother and jealously and anger towards his father...
Learn the General Guidelines to APA Format
APA format is the standard style for psychology papers. Learn more about documenting your sources, preparing a reference section, and proper in-text citations.
How Are Scores on IQ Tests Calculated, Anyway?
While people often talk about test scores, many people are confused about exactly what these test scores mean. Learn more about how IQ tests are scored and how these results are interpreted.
How Much Does a Psychologist Make?
How much do psychologists earn? Learn more about the average salaries for a variety of different psychology jobs.
Thining of Becoming a Psychiatrist? Here's What...
Psychiatrists are sometimes confused with psychologists, but there are important differences between the professions. Learn more about psychiatrist careers.
What Is Autocratic Leadership?
Autocratic leadership, also known as authoritarian leadership, is a leadership style characterized by individual control over all decisions and little input from group members. Learn more about the characteristics, benefits and downsides of autocratic leadership.
How Can I Become a Therapist?
Have you ever dreamed of becoming a therapist? Learn more about the steps you should take in order to achieve your goal.
Have a Master's Degree in Psychology? Here are...
Got a master's in psychology or thinking of getting one? Not sure what to do with your degree? Here are just a few of the job options you might consider.
Body Language: How Close Is Too Close?
The facial expressions used to convey fear, anger, sadness, and happiness are similar throughout the world. Page 2 of 9 pages on body language.
What Are Jung's 4 Major Archetypes?
Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung believed that archetypes are models of people, behaviors or personalities.
Cognitive Dissonance: Why Do Conflicting...
Do you ever feel uncomfortable when your beliefs don't match up with reality? Psychologists refer to this phenomenon as cognitive dissonance.
Why Does Self Efficacy Matter?
Psychologist Albert Bandura suggested that self-efficacy plays a critical role in how we think, feel, and behave. Learn more about what self-efficacy is and why it is so important.
Explore the Stages of Prenatal Development
The stages of prenatal development represent an enormous amount of change from conception to birth. Find more information about the stages of prenatal development.
Common Defense Mechanisms People Use to Cope...
Sigmund Freud believed that defense mechanisms help the ego cope with anxiety. Learn more about the ten defense mechanisms described by Anna Freud as well as eight other common defenses.
APA Format Examples, Tips, and Guidelines
APA format is the official style of the American Psychological Association and is generally used for writing in psychology, eduction, and other social sciences. Learn more about how to create APA format papers with these tips, guidelines, and examples.
10 Fascinating Facts About Our Personalities
Personality makes us who we are, but what factors influence our personality? Can we change our personalities, or do our overall traits remain constant throughout life? Learn more about what researchers have learned in these ten fascinating facts about personality.
Tables in APA Format
Tables are a great way to present a lot of information in a clear, conside, and readable format. This example and tips can help you create APA format tables for your psychology papers. Page 3.
Which Type of Intelligence Do You Have?
Psychologist Howard Gardner suggests that people possess multiple intelligences rather than one single mental ability. This theory includes musical, interpersonal, spatial-visual and linguistic intelligences.
Learning and Conditioning Quiz
Learning and Conditioning Quiz Test Your Knowledge of Learning and Conditioning Sorry, but this quiz
7 Habits of Emotionally Intelligent People
Emotionally intelligent people have a number of habits that help them manage their own emotions and understand the emotions of others.
Ages 7 to 11: How a Child's Cognitive Thinking...
The concrete operational stage of cognitive development occurs between the ages of approximately seven to eleven. Learn more about the characteristics and milestones of this stage.
What Is Personality and Why Does It Matter?
Personality arises from within and makes us who we are. Learn more about how psychologists define personality, how they study it, and why it is so important.
Forensic Psychology Quiz - Should You Become a...
Are you interested in becoming a forensic psychologist? Take this 10 question quiz to learn whether a career in forensic psychology is right for you.
What Does a Child Psychologist Do?
If you enjoy working with children, you may have consider a career as a child psychologist. Learn more about the educational requirements, salaries and job duties in this overview of a career as a child psychologist.
Interesting Facts About Personality Traits
Trait theory suggests that our personalities are made up of a number of broad traits. Learn more about this theory and some of the key traits emphasized by psychologists.
Learn About Freudian Theory
Freudian theory centers around the many ideas and works of famed psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud. Learn more about important concepts including the unconscious and psychosexual development.
7 Things You Should Know About Attachment...
Attachment is as an emotional bond that impacts behavior throughout life. Learn more about the styles of attachment and the role they play in behavior and relationships.
The 10 Most Common Phobias
Phobias are one of the most common disorders, affecting approximately 10-percent of adults. Not surprisingly, spiders, snakes, and heights are some of the most common fear objects. Learn more about 10 of the most common phobias.
How Do Transformational Leaders Inspire?
Transformational leadership is a leadership style that leads to positive changes in those who follow. These leaders are described as passionate and enthusiastic.
Know What Negative Reinforcement Is
Negative reinforcement is another technique used in operant conditioning used to increase the likelihood that behaviors will occur. Learn more about what negative reinforcement is, how it works and how it differs from punishment.
Quiz - Erikson's Theory of Psychosocial...
Test your knowledge of Erikson's stages of psychosocial development with this quiz.
What Are Freud's 3 Levels of Mind?
Do thoughts and desires outside of awareness influence our behavior? Learn about Freud's three levels of awareness: the conscious, preconscious, and unconscious mind.
Why Do Some People Become Great Leaders?
Why do certain people become great leaders? Leadership theories seek to answer this question and usually fit into one of eight basic types. Learn more...
Personality Psychology Quiz
Personality Psychology Quiz Test Your Knowledge of Personality Psychology Sorry, but this quiz requires
Afraid of What? Check This List of Strange and...
Phobias are the most common mental disorder in the U.S. Do you have a phobia? Check out this handy list of some of the most common (and some of the strangest) phobias.
5 Psychology Degrees and What You Should Know...
There are many different types of psychology degrees at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Learn more about these psychology degrees, how long each one takes to earn and the types of jobs available with each degree.
What are the Theories of Personality?
Learn more about some of the major theories of personality proposed by different psychologists. These theories of personality include biological theories, psychodynamic theories, and humanistic theories. Page 3.
What is the Formal Operational Stage of...
The formal operational stage of cognitive development occurs from approximately age 12 to adulthood. Learn more about the characteristics of the formal operational stage.
What Is a Social Worker?
Becoming a social worker is a great way to work in a psychology-related field that offers both challenges and rewards. Learn more about what it takes to become a social worker.
What are the Major Theories of Intelligence?
While there are numerous theories of intelligence, psychologists do not agree on a standard definition for the concept of 'intelligence.' Here are some of the major theories.
What You Should Know About Attitudes
Attitudes have a powerful influence on behavior. Learn more about how attitudes form, how they change and how they influence the way we behavior.
5 Ways Psychologists Explain Love
Why do we fall in of love? Psychologists have proposed a number of theories to explain and describe love. Learn about some of the major theories of love.
What Are the Elements of a Good Hypothesis?
A hypothesis is a tentative statement about the relationship between two or more variables. Learn more about the elements of a good hypothesis.
How to Become a Psychiatrist
Are you interested in becoming a psychiatrist? Learn more about the educational requirements and steps you will need to follow in order to pursue this career.
What Are the Fields of Psychology?
Psychology is a huge topic and conveying the depth and breadth of the subject can be difficult. As a result, a number of different fields of psychology have emerged to deal with specific subtopics within the study of the mind, brain and behavior. Learn more about some of the different fields of psychology.
10 Most Influential Psychologists in History
10 most influential psychologists, top ten psychologists, psychology biographies, history of psychology
How to Become a More Effective Learner
Discover tips from psychology for effective learning. Improve your learning efficiency, study skills, and memorization abilities.
What You Should Know About Earning a Master's...
Are you thinking about earning a master's degree in psychology? Learn more about earning a master's degree in psychology, including how long it will take, your career options after graduation and possible alternative degrees that you might want to consider.
How Long Does It Take to Earn a Ph.D. in...
Most Ph.D. programs require at least 5 to 7 years to complete. But there are other options, such as Psy.D. and Ed.D. degrees, which take less time.
How to Become a Psychologist: Earn Your...
Have you ever wanted to become a psychologist? This can be an exciting career choice with a wide variety of specialty areas and opportunities, but many students have questions about exactly what they need to do to become a psychologist. The following steps detail the process you will need to follow in order to become a psychologist.
Writing a Psychology Paper? Over 50 Topic Ideas...
Are you struggling to find a great topic for your psychology paper? Check out our collection of ideas to spark your creativity and inspire a topic for your paper.
An Overview of Early Childhood Development
Early childhood is not only a period of amazing physical growth, it is also a time of remarkable mental development. Learn more about cognitive development in early childhood
What Is Intrinsic Motivation?
Why do you do the things you do? If you are doing them for some internal reason, then psychologists would describe you as intrinsically motivated.
Feeling Lonely? What You Should Know
Loneliness is a universal human emotion, yet it is both complex and unique to each individual. Loneliness has no single common cause, so the preventions and treatments for this damaging state of mind vary dramatically.
What Is the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator?
The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is one of the most widely used assessments in the world. Learn more about the 16 personality types identified by the MBTI.
What Are the 11 Main Branches of Psychology?
Psychology is a broad and diverse field and a number of different branches have emerged in the study of the brain, mind, and behavior. Learn more about each of these branches of psychology.
How Environmental Stimuli Affect Our Thinking
What exactly is perception? Learn more about perception and how we perceive objects in our environment through the perceptual process.
What Can You Do With a Graduate Degree in...
A graduate degree in psychology prepares students for a wide range of careers including jobs in mental health, education, government, business, and more.
Sociocultural Theory: What You Should Know
Sociocultural theory is a theory of development that stress the important of socialization on cognitive development. Learn more about sociocultural theory.
How To Write an Abstract
In scientific writing, an abstract is a concise summary of a paper. This quick guide will teach you how write an abstract section in APA format.
Browse an A to Z List of Psychology Careers
Thinking about a psychology career? Then be sure to check out this list of psychology and psychology-related careers.
What You Should Know About Schemas
In psychology, a schema is a cognitive framework that helps organize and interpret information in the world around us.
10 Basic Facts About Psychology
Psychology is all around you and part of who you are. Delve deeper with these ten basic facts that everyone should know about psychology.
Extravert or Introvert Quiz Results
Results of the extravert/introvert quiz.: extraversion personality trait extravert introvert myers briggs type indicator five personality traits trait theory of personality
Cognitive Development Summary Chart
Piaget's Stages An Overview of Piaget's Stages of Cognitive Development Jean Piaget's theory of cognitive
The Science of How We Think
Cognitive psychology is the study of how we think, remember, decide, and perceive. Learn more about how we acquire, process, and store information.
What are the 3 Major Theories of Emotion?
What exactly are emotions? What causes these feelings? Learn more about some of the major theories of emotion that have been proposed by researchers, philosophers and psychologists.
What Can You Do with a Degree in Psychology? 10...
Looking for a fun and interesting psychology career? Check out some of the coolest psychology jobs ranging from traffic psychology to art therapy.
7 Major Schools of Thought in Psychology
Since psychology first emerged as a separate science, different schools of thought have emerged to dominate the field. Learn more about some of these major schools of thought in psychology, including psychoanalysis, behaviorism, and humanism.
Resilience Quiz - How Resilient Are You
How Resilient Are You? A Resilience Quiz How would you fare in a crisis situation? Would you be able
10 Great Reasons to Earn a Psychology Degree
Psychology is one of the most popular college majors throughout the world. Why? Discover some of the reasons why you should earn a psychology degree.
What Are the Components of Self-Esteem?
In psychology, the term self-esteem is used to describe a person's overall sense of self-worth or personal value...
5 Signs You Are an Introvert
Do you like spending time alone? Do you ever feel exhausted by large crowds? You just might be an introvert. Discover the common characteristics of this personality type.
6 Things to Ask Yourself Before Choosing a...
Are you thinking of majoring in psychology? It is one of the most popular majors, but there are a number of things you need to ask before you make a decision.
What You Should Know About Positive Reinforcement
Positive reinforcement is often used in operant conditioning to increase the likelihood that behaviors will occur. Find examples and learn more about how positive reinforcement works.
What You Should Know About Clinical Psychology
Clinical psychology is the branch of psychology concerned with assessing and treating mental illness, abnormal behavior and psychiatric problems. Learn more about clinical psychology.
Quiz - Piaget's Stages of Cognitive Development
Test your knowledge of Piaget's stages of cognitive development with this quiz.
How You Can Become a Counselor
Have you ever wonder what it takes to become a counselor? This can be a very rewarding and exciting career option, but its important to learn more about the educational requirements and specialty areas. Discover the training you will need in order to become a counselor.
Journal and Periodicals in APA Format
Journal articles should be listed in your APA format reference list in alphabetical order. Learn how to create references for articles appearing in journals or periodicals in proper APA format. Page 4.
What You Should Know About Social Psychology
Social psychology focuses on social influence, perception, and interaction and topics such as attitudes, leadership, aggression, social communication and prejudice.
21 Types of Psychologists and What They Do
There are many different types of psychologists who perform a wide range of jobs. Learn more about the different types of psychologists and what they do.
What Is Forensic Psychology?
Interest in forensic psychology has exploded in recent years. Is it really as exciting as it looks in tv crime dramas? Learn more about the ins and outs of forensic psychology.
A Profile of Psychologist Carl Jung
Carl Jung is known for his theory of archetypes, the collective unconscious and his studies of the human psyche. Learn more about his life, theories and contributions to psychology.
What's It Like to Be a Psychologist?
A psychologist is someone who studies the mind and behavior. While people often think of talk therapy when they hear the word psychologist, this profession actually encompasses a wide range of specialty areas that includes such things as animal research to organizational behavior.
10 Unforgettable Facts About Your Memory
Forgetting simple things like where you left the keys or a friend's phone number can be major annoyances. Learn more about some of the most common reasons why we forget.
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