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Peer Pressure and Social Influence

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By mswirkula

Grade Level

Grades 8 and up.


Motivate students to discuss social influence. Focus on getting students to give real-life examples of when social influence or peer pressure may come into play.

Lesson Plan Title and Description

Students view the film "12 Angry Men" during a class session and are then guided through a discussion on social influence and how it can impact decisions and behavior.

Materials and Resources Needed

Discussions of social influence are sometimes abstract. If you're covering research like Asch's experiments, this activity can be a great way to get students really actively discussing the topic. It's easiest just to view the film during one class session, and then immediately discuss the movie if you have time at the end of class. Or, take breaks during the movie after critical scenes, and then talk about what is going on and how it relates to psychology. I've found that if you wait to have the discussion another day, students seem to forget what they watched and lose their motivation to talk about it.


Pause the film after important scenes and discuss them with your group.

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