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Reader Stories: Dealing With a Phobia


Do you suffer from a phobia and want to share your story with the world? According to some estimates, phobias affect more than 10 percent of the U.S. population. Share your phobia story and help other readers learn more about how to cope with their phobia.

Suffering From Many Different Phobias

I know I kinda feel nervous because I never told nobody about this not even my mom. I was 4 years old when I started fearing the phobias and some of this may be embarrassing to be reading. Well horse…More

Nyctophobia - Fear of the Dark

As a child I was always terrified of the dark. I was always scared. I slept in between my parents til I wad eight and even then I would freak out if they turned off the lights. My parents never thoug…More

Fear of Dolls

1. dolls- this memory is so dim I thought I was dreaming. We were vacationing in the house of my cousins when they told me to hang out with them (siblings and cousins) at the basement (i was four or …More

Fear of Heights

I'm 25 years old and I used to not be scared of heights. It started when I was 7 years old my family and I was out at our cabin. And I was climbing up a tree to a tree stand that my dad built. And my…More

Fear of Spiders

I've always not liked spiders, but it has become worse as the years have passed. I think the severe phobia pretty much developed after a night when I was curled up in bed watching TV, and turned to l…More

Fear of Touch

I never had a certain time. It has happened my whole life. It must of been when I was a baby to when I was 9 years old that it started. It started with just being my ankles then it increase from thei…More

Autophobia - Fear of Being Alone

About 10 years old. I think it is because of my mom. We went back to school shopping once, and she got a call. She got so distracted that she drove off without me. Another time, I was confused about …More

Emetophobia and Cibophobia

I believe my phobias started when I was about 6 years old. Whenever someone in my household had stomach problems and they were sick, I'd run to a far corner of the house with my ears plugged or I'd r…More

Ataxophobia - Fear of Disorder

Well when I was young I was told to clean so I would clean and clean and well clean so eventually I cleaned so much that it became a habit. If I went over to someones house, I would clean their room …More

Three Phobias

I guess my aunt used to tickle my feet all the time when I was younger and a few months ago this phobia reared its ugly head. I cant STAND seeing other peoples feet or them being touched. Same with b…More

Fear of Injections

I've had a phobia of injections my whole life. I also have a phobia of eye drops, but I don't get a panic attack, I just faint instead. I've had this my whole life, and I had my first injections at a…More

Fear of Fire

I was 12 when a fire happened at a building of ours about 40 ft at the most from our house. There was nothing left. It happened early in the morning around 4 o clock. I'm almost 13 now. I had been 12…More

Nomophobia - Fear of Losing Your Mobile Phone

Well, I got my first phone when I was 17. But it wasn't until I got introduced to different social networks. Being connected in that way made it hard for me to give it up. Then, going to school I wou…More

Arachnophobia - The Fear of Spiders

The phobia began about 3 or 4 years ago after completely unknowingly walking into my bedroom whilst on holiday with my dad to see a ridiculously large spider, unlike any other me or my father had see…More

Fear of Traffic Accidents

1995, the car in front of me braked before he drove over the ice patch. naturally, I did , too, but I hit the ice, spun around, faced south on 6 lanes of NB highway. Hit my head, expressive aphasia, …More

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