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Fear of Heights - Phobias

Share Your Story: Dealing With a Phobia

By eli elias

Describe Your Phobia?

I have a fear of heights, or is it? If I am over 3 meters and I look over I don't like it and I get scared. Ten years ago I went with a friend who invited me sky diving and I did. Am I a phobic of such or what? When I went sky diving the adrenaline and the feeling of the moment got me over the fear at that moment, but thinking of it I was so busy thinking of diving, I forgot my fear.

When Did Your Phobia Begin?

Since I was little I have had that fear and I really don't remember why or the how I got it. I know that as far back as I can remember I had about 10 when I first started to notice I had it. I did no do like some kids that like to climb trees. About the same time that I went sky diving I went to the empire state building and that was not as scary as when I am 3 meters high, is that possible that smaller heights scare me more?


  • I have tried like standing at the edge of high things and stuff but the fear still there. The fear is not that great but is there and just trying to ignore it does not work

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