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Readers Respond: What's Your Psychology Dream Job?

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Are you interested in psychology as a career? Share your dream job in the field of psychology! What is it that makes your future job pick such an appealing career option? Express your thoughts and learn more about the career aspirations of other readers. Share Your Top Choices


I graduated with a BS in PSY in 2006 (with honors). I applied to at least 100 positions with the state and various counties. The pay was around $10/hr. I was only called for 2 interviews and never landed a job. I ended up being a multi-games dealer at an Indian casino making $50,000 a year. I'm still paying for my student loans 7 years later, and that's with taking the minimum loans out. Many family members, friends, and councelors warned me that a BS in Psy was not a good path to take, but i was stubborn and loved to learn about human behavior. If I could go back in time, I would major in Business, Computer Science, etc. Unless, you are willing, and can afford, to get a Master's degree or higher...DON'T DO IT!
—Guest meggie


Hi there, I'll introduce mysell first, I'm from Kosovo and I'm bach.in psychology and I'm really happy about all the knowledge that I got for such a short time. It's not that I was not informed about psychology as a science but for all its smell that provide to the life. I compare psychology with dressing in the kitchen, so it means you will need it if you want to adapt to all spheres of life. Good luck to everyone
—Guest Besfort


I'm not sure which path I'm going to be taking...I just know I will either be going into clinical psych or just going for social work after I graduate with my BS in psych. I think for now I'm leaning more towards social work because I keep hearing that there are more opportunities in social work while spending less time in school; meanwhile you have to do more schooling in order to earn more in psych just to do the same thing...so, we'll see...
—Guest Michelle

burned out

I've been a school psychologist for 18 years. The job is ok but your hands are tied due to paper work. I feel the career is dying due to a general lack of professional advocacy from nasp at the national level. I would however go into it again backninbthe day but wouldn't do it at this time because the profession has fallen so far over the past 20 years.
—Guest zeeke

why the negativity?

I've been interested in majoring in psych for years, and ALL of my teachers and some friends warned me that only going for a psych undergrad is suicide. You can't do anything with that. To get a real job in the psychology field, you need a masters or doctorate. It seems this should be common knowledge. If really want to do psych, you've got to put in the effort and make that commitment for a possible 8+ years of school. I'm only 20 and I'm about to start my second semester in school and I know psych is the way I want to go. Nothing good comes easy!!
—Guest Shelby


I went from my psych degree straight into a counseling masters and became licensed in my state. Although I practice independently and have lots of freedom, I would agree that Social Work is a path with greater opportunity. Even as an LPC I can say that LCSW's have more opportunity and get considered for many jobs over the LPC.
—Guest lindsey

I do not know what to do

I am in Kenya and am taking a degree course in guidance and counseling. In my country the job opportunities are available but the qualifications are high. One has to to have a minimum of 5 years in the field to land a well paying job. The course is enjoyable and am looking to go in for masters after my undergraduate. Your reviews are discouraging but some of you guys should learn to be positive. Rome was not built in one day so you cannot get a 100000 dollar job just after graduation. Reflect on your opportunities lest they pass you by...
—Guest xavier

Make DIFFERENCE to this world(READ This)

I have read some of the responses/comments above and honestly, some of them were quite depressing.. Many of them say taking up Psychology was a big mistake and that they cannot get any jobs (And they are advising other people not to take Psychology). This is the most misleading Sh*t i ever heard! TRUST ME when I tell you, these guys who (wrote those comments) NEVER had a REAL PASSION or DRIVE for achieving anything in Psychology, these are the guys who were just slightly "Amused" by Psychology and just wanted to get a job in it so that they can have a standard income for the rest of their life's till they DIE. They DID NOT really want to achieve anything great. If you REALLY have a PASSION for something, YOU should be willing to give your life for it, and be the GREATEST you can be in that field, and if that is not Psychology then GO find something that is! And when YOU do find your PASSION, make sure you have the DRIVE to be the GREATEST (cheesy as it sounds, it is the TRUTH)...

Love my degree

I see a lot of satisfaction on this thread, and I just want to say that I am very glad I got my psychology undergraduate degree. Sure, it doesn't have much potential for practical work after just a BA or BS, but I expected as much. You do struggle with employment after college, but no more than anyone else with a humanities or social science degree. I knew going in that I would have to get at least a graduate degree to do what I want to do (private practice). Those in your early years of a psych undergrad, don't give up! Just know the reality of your situation. If it feels worth it to you, then go for it!
—Guest Emily


This article plugs a BA or a BS in psychology as a worthwhile investment because it is adaptable. While the experience gained by completing the degree is very well rounded and applicable to reality, the degree is essentially useless in terms of attaining any kind of job that provides even a modest income for a single person, let alone a family. The article states that most psychology majors go on to graduate school, law school, etc., and that is because graduates in the program HAVE TO in order to make it. Think long and hard about choosing a psychology degree if you do not have a specialty graduate program in mind that you could accept devoting an additional 4 years to as well as another large sum of money. The road to stable and satisfying work in the field is long and hard. College advisors tend to underemphasize these issues among many others. I could go on.
—Guest Annie

Sad to see

I am looking at this field as a way to create one that does not exist yet. I think that your field is what you make it. It is sad to see so many responses waiting for big brother or someone else to validate what you learned. Take a leap and use your skill. Create what you want in your life and don't wait for someone to offer you the pay, make it happen. It seems weird to me that everyone that has taken Psychology as a degree is so negative in the way they have used it, or that it was supposed to be a magic degree that never paid off. You all have talent. Make it shine and don't wait for someone else to do it for you. We need deep thinkers and people who know people in the world. Get creative. There are areas untapped. Think bigger. :) Hope this inspires at least someone.
—Guest Guest Steph

why why why

If I could go back ten years and change my major, been more practical, and done my research. I am 7 years out of school and nothing to show for it but debt. I am currently an educational assistant doing work a high school graduate can do. Looking to spend upwards of lord knows what for a masters.
—Guest Adrianne

Major disappointment

Both me and my girlfriend got our BA in psychology in 2012. After nearly a year of attempting to find jobs we both had to settle for clerk positions because that was the most pay we could find. $12/hr. Every job out there for psych won't list the pay on the application because they all offer peanuts. Cant be a social worker because you don't have a social work certification or social work degree. No luck getting a position at an actual psych hospital or counseling position because so much competition out there and those people keep their jobs until they die. (and pay less than 25k/year). I have not even had luck with government/ veterans preference jobs. Luckily I'm using my military benefits to go to grad school for business although I need to take a bunch of pre-requisites. Do yourself a favor and get your undergrad degree in ANYTHING else.
—Guest Marshall

Questions (?)

The responses have been overwelmingly negative, but I am to assume that the majority of these people are talking about a limited market (such as the city they residence in, rather than region, providence, or country) or opportunities that presented to them. As someone with a Bachelor's in Fine Arts, despite the invaluable knowledge and experience I had, there is an even more limited opportunity for employment. I am looking to switch careers - taking a Bachelor's in Social Work then a Masters in Psychology, later getting a Ph.D. in Pyschology specialising in Art Therapy. From other websites and sources, the Social Work is a more accessible course with more immediate job opportunities, then with a Masters, I could certify as a Psychologist (minimal requirement in my Providence) with meeting the requirements. Art Therapy is a specialised practise and is becoming more popular. In your opinion, is this a reasonable way to pursue my dream job as a private practise Art Therapist?
—Guest Frosted Flakes

Criminology or human behaviour

Am from Nigeria and hope to work with the law enforcement agency. I'm just about to start college but all what you people have written here is not encouraging. I am now scared of going into psychology, but I still believe we can make a difference. We can make the world to beg for us professionally the world need us people need us we are just like a pastor or pathfinder we are specially selected by God himself that is why we are psychologists. Please lets come together as one in a Godly manner and carry out that plan of God in the world even in the life of fellow men let make a good impact and may God help us all.

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