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Readers Respond: What Are the Biggest Myths About Psychology Majors?

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Contrary to one popular myth, psychology majors cannot read minds. This is just one of the most commonly heard myths about psychology students. What do you think is the biggest misconceptions about being a psychology student? Share your experiences and read what others have to say! Share Your Thoughts

#1 Biggest Myth About Psychology

That someone, even with a doctorate in Psychology can understand human behavior completely and accurately. Many will mix their own preconceived ideas, religious beliefs, etc. in with what they were taught. It's not a "science" in the sense that they can accurately pinpoint your personality like a blood test, they are using their education to make educated guesses, just like doctors of medicine do. They can certainly be wrong, and they can and do mix their own preconceived ideas with their training. Not all, but some, psychologists should not be trusted. It takes months if not years to truly trust the person is not mixing their own beliefs with their education. A "psychic" - the fake ones, as I doubt if there are real ones, use the same ability to judge human behavior as a psychologist with training does. And, many untrained people are just as good at reading people.

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What Are the Biggest Myths About Psychology Majors?

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