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Readers Respond: Why Did You Earn a Psychology Degree?

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What motivated you to study psychology? Whether its a passion for understanding human behavior or a desire to help people overcome problems, share some of your top reasons to earn a psychology degree. As you describe your experience, consider some of the following questions:
  • When did you first become interested in psychology?
  • What do you plan to do with your psychology degree?
  • Were there other subjects that also interested you?
  • Knowing what you know now, would you choose to earn a psychology degree if you had it to do all over again?

I love working with people

At first I wanted to be a social worker, but when I was introduced to psychology I developed so much love for this course. I love seeing other people being happy especially when I contributed to their happiness. Solving other people's problems makes me feel even better which is why I am majoring in psychology.
—Guest maletsatsi

To Be a Top Industrial Manager

After reading my course book, I saw that there are many works that been done on managing the labour force. I see earning a psychology degree as a stair to be a top industrialist.
—Guest vijendra sharma

It's my PASSION!!!!

I have always wanted to major in psychology from the moment I was introduced to it. My passion is working with people to help then solve their problems and issues. I think my life took an interesting turn when I found out that it is Counseling that I prefer to do. Most problems that I help people with is in reference to couples. However, I would also like to help in various areas to allow myself that mental break from just dealing with that one problem everyday. Over all, I have learned that decisions about what one pursues career wise should be based upon what they can spend the rest of their lives enjoying and has nothing to do with profits.
—Guest DesereeYoung Young

Why Earn a Psychology Degree

I just love learning about psychology. It is the subject that I love the most. I came first in contact with this subject when i was preparing for the civil services as one of my optional subjects. Since then, I have been crazy about psychology!
—Guest narendra wanjari

Reason for study psychology

As we know that psychology is study of mind, behaviors, characters of living organisms especially man and animals. I study it to know how people and animals behave and help them to solve their problems in life which can lead them to the development of their life and the community and even society and the world at large.
—Guest Prof sanusi abba m

I have to listen people

My passion is to listen to the problems of my friends and others and suggest a good solution for those problems. Since they may not take my advice seriously without knowing my degree and specialization, I decided to become a psychologist. This way I can offer real assistance to people who truly need it.
—Guest Ashutosh Tiwari

Starting Student

I want to major in psychology because I just love helping friends by giving advice. When I give people advice, my hop is that I can actually help solve their problems. I also want to know more about myself and improve my attitudes and interactions with other people.
—Guest khim

Love for psychology

I just love Psychology since it explains why and how people behave. I just enjoy learning more about the human mind and behavior, which is why I chose to major in this subject.
—Guest Kiran Kumar

I wanted to do better

I have an anxiety disorder and sought help from multiple sources before I even declared my major in Psychology. I didn't receive the help I needed and thought to myself, "I could do so much better than these therapists." So I put my money where my mouth is and, 11 years later, I have a PhD in Clinical Psychology and (what a surprise) specialize in anxiety disorders.

Student Counseling

I am a part time tuition teacher. I am majoring in psychology because I want to help motivate my students to get good marks among some of my other reasons.
—Guest chandramohan.p.s


I love to serve people...I mean humanity is the thing I love....I want to help people when they are depressed or frustated specially teenagers like me.
—Guest Saika Mehnaz

Professor of Psychology

It was an accident. I met dr S. P. Adinarayan who did work on Color prejudice and then Vice Chancellor of Annamalai University . I was depressed at that time due to failure in interpersonal relationship. He suggested why do not you study Psychology to understand Human Nature. He gave his book Human Mind. that started my career and became Professor of Psychology in Presidency College Madras.I introduced Psychotherapy as a course of study in Tamilnadu Open University in India.
—Guest Prof G Rajamohan

Reason for Psychology

I am working in nursing and it seem natural that I would seek a psychology degree, because patients, coworkers and friends would often confide in me about almost everything. Listening and helping people sort out there problems felt good and natural for me so I decided to get a psychology degree to go along with nursing.

It Just Happended!

I actually started our college thinking that I would major in some type of health science, either radiology or nursing. Psychology was on the list of required core credits for both of these, so signed up for Intro to Psych. I ended up really liking that course, so I signed up for another psychology class the next semester. By sophomore year, I was taking psychology courses almost exclusively. I didn't really plan for it to happen, and really didn't have a specific career in mind. Mostly, I just really liked all my psychology classes so much that I 'accidentally' ended up majoring in psychology!
—Guest JiminyCricket

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