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Readers Respond: Why Did You Earn a Psychology Degree?

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What motivated you to study psychology? Whether its a passion for understanding human behavior or a desire to help people overcome problems, share some of your top reasons to earn a psychology degree. As you describe your experience, consider some of the following questions:
  • When did you first become interested in psychology?
  • What do you plan to do with your psychology degree?
  • Were there other subjects that also interested you?
  • Knowing what you know now, would you choose to earn a psychology degree if you had it to do all over again?
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Why earn a psychology degree?

It helps you know yourself before you can help others. A psychologist needs to give help to others. You can not give what you do not have! Knowing yourself therefore, helps you know others very well thus give appropriate help. The psychology degree will help you know how to relate with individuals who need your help. Appreciating and accepting them is important for better relations.
—Guest Winfred

a push from my friend.

First my plan was to study sociology. But because of peer pressure I am immersed in it. Afterwards I enjoyed the course. Even I have no job yet!
—Guest Gashaw

No jobs

Employers are not interested. You will starve . Unless you take another course.
—Guest Joey

study of human behaviour

To improve our selves , our personality & To recognize peoples behaviour to and its easy way to fine communication with others .and understand others nature. and what they want

Your life is 80% Psychology 20% Skills!

The difference between having what you want and doing what you want is based on your and other peoples perception and thinking process. It is the key to life. It should be a mandatory major. People need at least a introduction to how their mind functions and it's effect on others.
—Guest WilliamS

An interest in the subject

Honestly interesting to become psychology degree holder I so much in love with it. As a law enforcement agent I will like to read psychology for this criminal justice, childhood, advertisement, marketing and sale, etc. I so much in love with psychology, God bless psychology.

Recovering from evil mistress

My husband had an affair with a woman who was an amateur psychologist and was convinced she understood us ALL and used her jargon to justify her actions. I am doing a PhD in psychology (I have a masters in something else) because I want to study the psychology of the other woman in affairs and escape from the feeling of being swamped by her. It will be helpful in my current career too.
—Guest Analyst

Helping others

I enjoy helping others understand themselves and resolve their own problems through some guiding questions.
—Guest Gustavo

Why I Study Psychology

Studying psychology improves my health and understanding of what health entails.
—Guest confidence ngwenya

Living the dream!

I decided to become a psychologist in grade 8 and stuck to it ever since. I have just graduated and got an office already! I majored in working with little children who have problems and I find it so interesting on what goes on in not only their lives, but their heads. I love helping people and I love my job!
—Guest penelope

A good way to..

Psychology is an amazing course to graduate and then realize it is completely worthless. Nobody gives a d*** and you will be starving to death. Unless you take another course.
—Guest jayme pn

To improve

Like everyone else, in my early years of college I wanted to "help people." But I discovered that it is not easy, even when we know exactly how to help. As my professor said: "In psychology maybe we do not have a cure for something, so sometimes we can just try do our best in order to "improve" the patient's life."
—Guest Tâmaro C. Mendes - Brazil

A Love for Psychology

I love helping out people with big problems which they can't solve for themselves. It's what I enjoy doing all the time to listen to one's problem and then find an appropriate solution for it.
—Guest zizipho


In this unfair life, wisdom, compassion, and understanding is very important.
—Guest Samuel F.

Psychology is like a calling

Most of the people that I'm close to are people with psychological or emotional problems. I felt responsible in helping them to overcome their problem. Psychology also helped me in modifying my personality. It helped me to see solutions rather than entertaining problems. God bless psychology!
—Guest shirley monyela

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Why Did You Earn a Psychology Degree?

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