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Readers Respond: Why Do You Want to Major In Psychology?

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The feeling of safety

I'm in in the University now, studying psychology in school. Trust me its a very interesting course which comes with varied oppotunities, choices and options. i luv science so much, trying to understand the society we live is refreshing and essential. Humans or people make up this society as well as other living things such as plants and animals, now the set of living things that make most use of the things around us or the things we see are humans, therefore understanding what makes one do something, what made something occur or how something happened is what I call SAFETY and PSYCHOLOGY is the best field to enable me know all that, Being conscious of the things around you is a great feeling. Imagine a friend of yours in a situation which makes him or her relentless and you wish to help but can't because you don't know what to do or don't know anything about his/her situation. Psychology has an interesting way of placing one in most fields if not any field of work.
—Guest Nana Ama

It's my daily bread

I am an educator, teaching life skills, I like working with children, protecting them, being there for them, listening to them, advising them, motivating them, helping them. It's what I live for, it's my life, my passion, and also helping the community with their problems. It's my dream come true, my happiness. I want to see people living happily. I have a lot of empathy and I don't have a problem to volunteer to help others, to offer myself. It is my calling.
—Guest Esther Sekati


I want to be a Psychologist because I believe that difficult times are only temporary. We just have to address them and know that there are ways around issues or through them. Learning about the mind as much as possible helps eliminate problems because we have solutions to figure out the issue. Why is it that we don't like our image? Why am I depressed? Why does it have to be me? Those are some questions we ask our self daily and I have an answer. I will be attending Umass Dartmouth in the fall with my intended major Psychology. I also love the one-one setting talking to someone at least you know that there is someone listening. Keep pursing your dream We will get there! -
—Guest Kharlita

Helping others brings self peace of mind

Ever since I was a little kid I've tried and tried to find interests that will keep me occupied while also providing enjoyment. Recently, being at the age where you have to start exploring different career paths, I've come to a conclusion that whatever I do, I wish to pursue a career that provides enjoyment rather than salary. Fortunately, Psychologists not only provide a great salary range, but also helps me overcome my own problems. Knowing I'm helping others overcome problems and sticky situations seems to provide a temporary resolution to my own mental illnesses.

It can fit many interests

I wasn't sure what I wanted to do and I'm still not 100% certain, but psych is a great fit for me because I can go so many ways with it. For example I love sports so I could be a sports psychologist, but I also have an interest in law and courtroom procedures, so I could be a forensic psychologist. Or, psychology could even help me get to law school. There are just so many options and you are never tied in to one specific thing!
—Guest jogirl

I enjoy solving emotional problems

From the time that I first got into school, I always enjoyed helping my friends think positive and helping them with all kinds of problems that will change their moods. I feel the best possible when friend of mine is walking around happy, knowing that I made that change. I wanna learn this to help others better and to have a job that I love the most!
—Guest lee keemon

helping people

I choose to study psychology because I want to learn human behavior. Every human has a problem that can result to them to depression. And every human that has problem needs someone to talk to. And for me I just want to help others.
—Guest Luwisha

Because Life is Bizarre

I've noticed my conscience circling around a thirst to know facts. I want to learn us. Doubtlessly, I'm quite the social soul. I simply must know why people behave however they behave. I want to gain an expansive scientific knowledge of this mystery of human energy.
—Guest Sara Daley

To help Others

I love helping people and hate seeing people hurt. We live in a society where people hurt and they don't know why. The hurt they feel makes them make the wrong decision in life. There are times we all need someone to listen to us. I have even felt this way so this is why I wanted to get more educated about the minds of other to help them to help themselves.
—Guest Cindy

Criminal Psychology

I will graduate in June, 2014 with my Psychology degree. I began my education 20 years ago in nursing. With life and children my education was side tracked. I decided to start back this year in Psychology instead. I will specialize in criminal psychology. I believe in nurture nature. People aren't born bad. People are trained to be bad and unfeeling through life long events. I believe that by identifying and addressing unfortunate events in one’s lifetime; the break-through can begin. Of course this is oversimplified but it's the jist of what I will research and practice. Good luck to each and every one of you in pursuing your dreams.

Nobody is alone.

I want to major in Psychologist because its who I am. I just LOVE listening to peoples problems, they always come to me because they know I have a good advice, and simply because I am willing to sit down and listen. I really hope to become professional at it, and make an impact in other peoples life. I want to help so many people! I want them to know they are not alone! I want to go to school for almost 8 Years, just to be able to sit down and LISTEN to people, to HELP them! God bless :)
—Guest KellyEliLara

To help

I'm only 15, and all the jobs I've wanted to do have involved helping people such as a police officer or primary school teacher but now i want to be a psychologist, neurologist or anthropologist. Even though I'm only 15, I like to study phobias and the behaviour of the human brain. I myself have a lot of relatives who are mentally ill so I know how to deal with a few things. I want to make a difference to peoples lives.
—Guest Abigail p-j

My son and autism

My son has autism- I want to learn how to respect this disorder so that I may better understand my son, as well as other children with this same matter. Hopefully soon there will be a cure for such disorders and learning disabilities, and I want to be the first to know when such a cure comes.
—Guest sarah-twofeathers

I love psychology

I'm a student studying in Grade 12 and even though my Psychology teacher is way too boring, I read the textbook myself and top my class exams. It's just amazing what role psychology can play in your life. You get to learn about how the mind works, how our attitude affects our being, and why people actually behave the way they do. I love Psychology, I hope I ace my coming Board Exam in Psychology. Looking forward to doing it, please keep me in your prayers (:
—Guest Sarah

It's everything

Consciousness, the ability to think, and therefore all of mankind's creations, start in the mind. Along with biology and neuroscience, psychology helps us to understand why we do the things we do and possibly why we are here. It's also a diverse field of study that needs to be understood in order to really find out who we are and what can we do ensure happiness and health to every person in the world. I want to study the evolution of consciousness and perception because I believe it is the science behind everything.
—Guest Kelsey S

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Why Do You Want to Major In Psychology?

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