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Readers Respond: Why Do You Want to Major In Psychology?

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To help fight depression

I've had to deal with depression, so I want to help others in same situation.
—Guest Ebere

Analyze my community

Studying psychology would help me to better understand why people in my community behave the way they do. I want to better understand problems such as unemployment, alcohol abuse and drug use, and I think that majoring in psychology will give me greater insight into these social issues.
—Guest Edema yekonius


I have a passion for psychology and I enjoy helping people along their journey. Our decision skills are therefore of extreme importance to our existence survival and success.
—Guest Rene` Level

I want to heal hearts

Nothing compares to helping someone to forgive! Being a psychologist will allow me to understand people and to share what I know to others in order to heal them so they can have a better life.
—Guest Aida Leyva

Power, Manipulation and Social Control

It is the ongoing pursuit to further my understand of the mechanisms which constitute human motivation. To understand what people truly value and cherish most in life, is to understand and predict their behaviors.
—Guest Guest

Understanding human behaviours

I want to major in psychology because I am very interested how human beings think and behave in different situations.
—Guest Amare

Major in psychology

This is because can learn something which special, interesting and help others.
—Guest DC TAN

Really like to help

I enjoy helping people and think that psychology would be the perfect profession in which I would be able to do so.
—Guest Mich D

Reason for majoring in psychology

I want to major in psychology because I want to know how people's think and I also want to know about our emotions as people.
—Guest Gail


I am curious to know why people do the things they do. Why do we fear things? What is the reasoning behind reacting badly to any given situation, even if we have no past experience with the subject. Basically I want to know why do we, humans, do what we do?
—Guest Georgia Cannon

Many are waiting for my help

As a Pastor, I do counseling and advice to my congregation and to the public at large. I believe there is a need to take psychology to equip myself to perform these tasks effectively.
—Guest Pastor Dicks

To Give People Hope for the Future

I would like to help young people to make good choices. I raised seven children at a very young age and I did not make good choices, so my dream is to someday maybe help other people to give them hope and a future.
—Guest Rhonda

My Reasons

Everything that different people have said here explains a lot of my reasons for majoring in psychology. It seems that I agree because I want to help the kids. I want to help stop the bullying, help kids get their voices heard and help children get a better education.
—Guest Sara

The ultimate goal - better humankind

My ultimate dream is to work in a private school where the emphasis is given to psychology and helping children overcoming the effects of childrearing provided by their parents or caretakers who inadvertently may hurt their own children and their ability to develop to their full potentials. Most of our problems come from childhood when we make decisions based on emotions, not reasoning; these decisions are with us for the rest of our lives, whether we realize it or not. I think a school where each child has a “child-centered” approach to him/her may help ultimately grow healthier and happier generations of people.
—Guest Anastasia

It's attractive to the scientific mind

Psychology, the study of behavior and the all encompassing brain has been a field that is infinitely interesting to me. I'm understanding how people do the things they do and possibly even why. I have a passion for learning about the nervous system so the brain/psychology is the most naturally appealing to me.
—Guest bonafidehuman

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