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Readers Respond: Why Do You Want to Major In Psychology?

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Psychology is very important

Psychology is very important in our society. If everyone understands human nature and behaviour, conflicts and stresses can be avoided. Understanding Psychology is simply understanding oneself and others. I wish Psychology must be included in high school curriculum so that young individuals might be aware and become sensitive of themselves and others' feeling.
—Guest josephine tiburcio

Major in Psycholgy

Psychology is very interesting subject. I knew psychology since 8th class, however, I was at that time interested in medical field to become brain surgeon. After a long break I came back to school, and chose psychology to become brain doctor. Brain / cognitive is my favor subject that help to understand how people behave and why they have different thoughts and why act differently. In addition, the most of the health problems are produce by brain called and characterized as psychological disabilities. This way I could achieve my long lasting goal to become psychologist.

Psychology: a passion, a solution

Psychology is more than a mere subject; it is part of life, a way of life. What is more interesting, intriguing, breathtaking and fascinating as SELF DISCOVERY? Psychology is such that one can study and apply to his or her life even without practicing somewhere else. I have forever wanted to understand why people behave the way they do; why behavior follows a pattern; and how to correct behavior when it goes abnormal. I believe that the greater percentage of the problem of my community (Nigeria) and indeed the World, is more of psychological, and indeed I am committed to bringing a solution to this- along side other psychologist-in-the making. Psychology is everyday, it is wholesome and it brings people within. It gives you a sense of humanity I wish everyone was going to be a psychologist. Everyone would just have the basic knowledge of psychology and our society will be worthy of living. I hope to study the biological basis of behavior...psychology is worth being my major.
—Guest Dimka Philip

A little jammed

I'm a junior in highschool, and feel that right now I'm at the stage in my life where it is dire to choose a major. I know odds are it could change between now, and my freshmen year of college, but I find no other interest then in psychology. I plan to take AP psyc next year, for my senior year, and go to a college that is known for a strong programm in the matter. Any advice would be wonderful for what to expect, and perhaps colleges that have a good header when it comes to psychology. Thanks in advance. Perhaps not somewhere far from illinois, either?
—Guest Caitlin

To learn and improve

Psychology is a course that has a lot of other sub-disciplines. I would like to learn a few of them for example those under developmental psychology and cognitive psychology. In addition to that improve my own behaviors as well.
—Guest NivL

The Best Combo of Philosophy and Science

I always really loved philosophy and spent a lot of time pondering the imponderables. But my philosophy classes just weren't cutting it. I wanted to be able to have actual scientific evidence for the things I was learning about. Psychology really does seem like the best of both worlds. It explores a lot of the things I enjoy about philosophy, but actually backs up its claims with empirical evidence. Plus, its just an endlessly fascinating subject.
—Guest Rica

I desire to be of help to mankind.

Man is in trouble with what career to take, how can I understand my self, how can understand and cope with others, what is the solution to my educational problems, and what are my educational capabilities? These and more questions kept humanity on their toes, and psychology has an answer to man`s behavioral, career, educational and interpersonal problems. This humanitarian desire spur me to study applied psychology, educational guidance and counseling to be precise. I wish to pursue this course to Ph.d. level and teach it at University level in addition to researching more into human behavior and solution to human interpersonal relationship.
—Guest Onochie

Psychology ties together many things

I looked at myself one day not understanding why I did what I did nor why others do what they do. I kept looking and before you know it, psychology called to me, like something I have always known that I should do. People are important and no matter what background they come from or circumstances that have befallen them, sometimes just one person who open-minded enough to take the time to understand each and everyone of us is all that is needed. I plan to try to be that individual to the best of my ability......
—Guest Double O. Seven

To learn one's self and teach others

Studying psychology is selfish in some aspect, as it gives you the tools to analyze yourself. Through my studies and personal research - I have gained great insight into "me!" Learning about myself allows me to further learn about others, as studying psychology gives you a deeper understanding of the human condition. It is a well-rounded major that pulls from all other majors. I look forward to attending graduate school, but I am in search of a program that combines clinical and counseling psychology - therapists should be trained as both clinicians and researchers, as their is a gap between research and applying effective treatment. It seems that the future of psychology holds that therapist will only have master degree's and Doctor's will be conducting research. Therefore, obtaining a PhD maybe not be financially advisable, unless one wishes to conduct research.
—Guest Alicia

I want to know more about behavior

I want to major in psychology because I want to know about complex creatures that human beings are. I want to identify behavior (overt or covert), mental process, much about sexuality, personality, memory, social relationships, creativity, human development, the mind-body relationship and so on. But since I am in Africa at Ethiopia, I can not get more materials, articles and journals of psychology even if I am psychology teacher at one Ethiopian university at bachelor level. I hope I am trying scholarship to upgrade my degree to Masters level. Thank you.
—Guest Minichil yesmaw

Thank you

Thanks for that insight because I am actually in the same position right now I am taking a psychology class and I really like the material but I am not sure what I want to do with my future. I have been to 3 schools so far and Planning on leaving the one I am currently attending. I am going to attend community college and I believe psychology is what I would like to major in. It feels good to know that I am not alone in my search for purpose.
—Guest a barrat

Psychology Is Interesting!

I wasn't sure what I wanted to major in when I first started college, so I tried to take classes in as many subjects as possible. Psychology just seems the most interesting. So many disciplines (history, English lit, life sciences) are focused on gaining a better understanding of human beings, but psychology seems like it does the best job. It covers so many interesting topics. I'm still not 100% sure what I want to do when I'm done with school, but I definitely want to keep studying psychology!
—Guest Rararachelle

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