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Readers Respond: Why Do You Want to Major In Psychology?

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Why do you want to major in psychology? What is it about the study of the human mind and behavior that you find so appealing? Share your thoughts and experiences, describe what you plan to do after you graduate and provide any tips that other students might find helpful. Share Your Reasons

Way of Life

The love of digging the archives of realities of life. It fills my heart to the brim with total happiness. Attending to people's problems gives me lot of energy to live. With the support of the Lord, I want to fulfill my passion to work in psychology and help others.
—Guest Lameck

Why i want to major in Psychology

I like psychology because its very interesting. I also like to listen to people and their problems and find ways to solving them. The smile on their faces always make my day! The rate of crimes are increasing in my state and I see a need for me to investigate the childhood of the person(s) to find out why they turned out the way they did and what's the remedy or way forward. I have done a Masters in Science Education and really want to do a Phd in Psychology especially Clinical Psychology. Thank you.
—Guest Suraiya Shaibu

Psychology seems like the only path...

I never thought i wanted to choose psychology studies for my course in Poly. I once heard my form teacher, Ms Chui, talk a little about her course in University and it's Psychology studies. It sounds rather interesting and penetrating to me. Not that i'm a pervert but it really kind of shine out of the many courses in my choices. Additionally, i dreamed of being a CID officer in future so i kind of thinking that this course would help me a lot when i interview in future. As a virgo, i really want to investigate the human minds and behaviours so this would definitely be the right choice for me. More over, there is more than just one job i can choose from in future IF i did not get into my dream job. Such as Psychologist, councillor, Manager of a company and many more...So yeah... Psychology studies is the ONE i want to major in! ;)
—Guest Stephy

The way I feel

I'm a highschool freshman. I have done things that have marked me for life. I went through pain and suffering, seen things that I wish I hadn't. I have grown and seen my own Psychologist. I don't want people to feel the same way I did. staring into the aybess into darkness, waiting for death to come and welcoming it. i want to show them the light that didn't seem to exist. My goal now is to help people to not feel the way i felt.
—Guest Dulce Bravo

future psychologist

I want to venture into the field of psychology because I am fascinated by how the human mind functions, about why do people behave the way they do, why do we have different characters, my curious mind drove me to psychology I am hoping to find answers to all my questions and to share with others what I have learned because I belive that everyone wants answers to these questions, I am a very good listener and I just love to see everyone happy so I am hoping to bring smiles to all the people that I am going to have an encouter with during my journey as a psychologist.
—Guest Hopey

Why do I want to major in Psychology?

I want to major in psychology so that i can open my own business, make my own ours, and have a cushy career where i don't have to do back-breaking work. (with the added bonus of helping people)
—Guest Jacob

The Power of Thoughts

I believe the brain is powerful, yet flexible, it's hard to fix deep conflicts, but I think we can manipulate our thoughts in order to feel secure; and when our thoughts are controlled so are our personalities and lives. Being able to help people control their minds would give me pleasure to see the improvement to decision making, personality affects, in general; psychological help may stabilize humans and keep them on ground. Despite my perplexity of the mind, I love it.
—Guest Paola F

solutions to personally

I'd love to study psychology mainly because I've always had the habit of looking deeply into the actions of people, why they do what they do and what I can do to help them. I just have the gift of reading between the lines, I can meet you twice and be able to tell you about yourself. I would like to devekop this gift and see how i can help confused people find their way both in their personal lives and in their businesses.
—Guest promise

I'm a very compassionate person

Well,even in my Junior School years I loved helping people. Knowing that I helped somebody just brought content in my heart and soul. And one of the abilities I have that kind of amuse me is that,I can tell when somebody's lying,even if I can't see your face or body language,I can just tell from a text if we're texting. I also want to learn more about human behavior and that is one of the reasons why I am majoring in Psychology.
—Guest Gift Chelesi


I dare to dream and it is impossible to be certain to your future. I want to be a psychologist , I want to help people with the same problems as mine being controlled with fear. I want people to be much aware that there are endless possibilities that we must aim high even though we are not certain with the things that comes to us, it is so ambiguous but at the same time interesting & stimulating. I myself have been distracted by so much fear to be unloved to be rejected to be utmost bad and not acknowledged. I want to be able to show my passion without hindering myself and not be distracted by fear. I want to get to the root of my problem and also, aide others with theirs.
—Guest Khyra

I love finding solutions to a Crime :)

I really love Psychology, and i've search that it is my passion, to know someone's behavior and helping them solve there daily problems. I love it because about my being curious person, a love to know about evrything why this or that thing is happening for a reason. and that's me.. :) A little boy Scientist.
—Guest Ken Oppus

I want to help people

I want to help people with their problems and I want to learn about human behavior because I went through my own struggles so I think becoming a psychologist will help me become a better person
—Guest Sherlie B

Love Helping Others

Since I can remember I found my self helping others and enjoyed it. I am finally doing something that makes me happy.
—Guest Rosiland Wright

its my passion

I've known I wanted to be psychologist for only a short time, but in that short time I've come to realize that's it is what I want to pursue. Its not only the fact that I get to understand my own personal problems. Its also that I get to help other people with it, I get to make the world a little bit better, someone a little bit happier. Which makes me all the more excited to grow in this field. I cant really type down the passion I feel for this study. But I know it is what I was put here to do. - 15 year old from Virginia
—Guest Gia

Helping those need help really

I always lost interest with the modules I am studying which is Human Resource Management,then I started to wonder why I know that I love working with people that when it hit that psychology is what I wanna study help poeple that need help it will put a smile in my face it may not be many but those that I may be able to help will be all I want.
—Guest Hope

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Why Do You Want to Major In Psychology?

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