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Readers Respond: Who Is the Most Influential Psychologist?

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An article appearing in a 2002 edition of the Review of General Psychology ranked 100 of the top psychologists throughout history. Who do you think deserves a spot in the top ten? Describe who you would pick as one of the biggest influences on psychology and give a few reasons for your choice. Share Your Top Choice


Victor Frankl is such an important force in the field of psychology. He brought Freuds view out of the past and into the present. What he experienced and wrote about resonates today more than ever before.
—Guest John Headley

Wilhelm Wundt

This man shall never be left out.He is the most influencial because without him,there would have not been discoveries,he was the first man to form the world's first experimental psychology Lab.Without mentioning his name,is like leaving stones unturned.
—Guest Mwansa Stephen

Tenth Most inflencial Psychologist ever

Abraham Maslow- hierarchy of needs. He got our level of needs to perfection.
—Guest Suraiya Shaibu

Prof. Dr. Hans-Werner Gessmann

Hans-Werner Gessmann is a German psychologist and psychodramatherapist currently based in Russia. He is the founder of humanistic psychodrama, a form of therapy that involves role reversal. He is also ranked as one of the world’s most preeminent psychotherapists. Gessmann teaches clinical psychology at the government-owned Nekrassow University Kostroma, where he is also the director of the International Centre for Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy. In 1973 Gessmann established the Psychotherapeutic Institute Bergerhausen in his hometown of Duisburg, which currently trains over 1,500 psychotherapists. He is a professor of general and developmental psychology at the governmental Academy of Social Administration Moscow and has served as a professor of systemic family therapy at the Municipal Pedagogical Psychological University Moscow since February 2012. He is longtime visiting professor of the South-East-University in Nanjing (China) and the state University of Smolensk (Russia).
—Guest Monika

Ellis over Jung

Looks like Jung is receiving more votes for the number 10 spot but I think Ellis deserves it. He has hit on some very deep concepts that seem to accord well with what the reality of human condition is. I say this despite the fact that he is an avowed atheist and I am a Christian. And, his terminology is quite memorable (awfulizing, catastrophising, musterbating).
—Guest James

Jeanne Segal

Jeanne Segal is an inovator on the field of emotional intelligence, relationship and positive aspects of human psychology and she's an inspiration for me. :-)
—Guest Julio

Abraham Maslow

In the history of psychology there are many psychologists who challenged the perception of man to understand himself and his surroundings. But one among all "Maslow" tried to understand man humanly on the basis of his needs. His humanistic approach is successfully applied in organisations, schools, clinics and hospitals in different forms. Maslow's need heirarchy is one of the most influntial theories in the entire history of psychology. His humanistic school is rightly recognised as "third force" in psychology.
—Guest Arshid Qalmi


The founding father of 'third force' in psychology, the humanistic approach. Maslow's need heirarchy works every where, its applications are being successfully used in organizations and clinics..
—Guest Arshid Qalmi

Willhelm wundt

Apart from d fact that wund was the father of psychology,everybody knows that his works in psychology cannot be overemphasised and hs move gave birth 2 psychology as a scientific discipline....hw cme s nt among top ranking
—Guest Olu Ajayi

Abraham Maslow

He deserves to be recognized for his dedication to psychology
—Guest DebbieFaubusKendrick


Freud knew him well, and was reported to have stopped reading him for fear of having nothing left to discover for himself.
—Guest Bdunton

Lev Vygotsky or Hugo Münsterberg

Lev Vygotsky or Hugo Münsterberg. They are my favorite psychologists.
—Guest Kiselev

Most important psychologist

Milton Ericson because he like Rogers. Reconceptualised how to help people seeking therapy
—Guest Marshall

Alice Miller

The most enlightened and influential psychotherapist ever.
—Guest JM

JB Watson

You cannot compile a list of influential psychologists (especially when that list includes behaviourists) without mentioning JB Watson. Although he was an extremely callous human being and his experiments were highly unethical, his work advanced our knowledge of phobias by about 50 years and he introduced the fundamental behaviourist concept of classical conditioning into advertising.

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Who Is the Most Influential Psychologist?

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