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Readers Respond: What Are Your Favorite Memory Techniques?

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Do you have any favorite memory techniques? These might include mnemonics, memory games, repetition, association and other strategies to boost your memory. Share your best tips here and pick up some more great memory techniques that other readers have suggested.

Forming a Strong Bond

First of all, I recognize the key word in the given material and then I link up the same to something existed information in my memory. It create a strong bond for memorizing new information.
—Guest sunil

Best way to change your character.

Whenever you are standing in a position of argument are any moment, just imagine that one of your character is watching your style & response and another character is watching behind you the things going on and the another one is your real HERO character. This way we can groom up.

Word Association and Flashcards

I use word associations and repetitious flashcards. I think that these are the best way to commit information to memory.
—Guest Brecken

Learning is a continuous process

We all are students. Learn with enthusiasm. That is the key point. Then apply what you studied with what you have learned now and what you know already. That's it!
—Guest manu mathew

Good..but incomplete

You miss one of the most important things. Exercise. Exercise = higher O2 = BDNF production = neurogenesis in hippocampus (among other good things) = better working memory. I go over in more detail here: http://www.brainlings.com/2011/11/hi-how-to-improve-your-memory/
—Guest mrnuts777

Natural Memory Boosters

Further advice: sufficient B12 intake, ginseng, rosemary, sage, hemp seeds, green tea. I'm sure there are many more memory boosters out there for the taking. If you know of one, please share (natural ones are my personal favs.)! Awesome knowledge database on which researchers from all around the globe- myself included- post their work for free: www.academia.edu
—Guest Poppy Valentine


I like to use mnemonics to remember difficult equations that I have learned the previous day. Coming up with short words that represent different parts of the equation makes it much easier to remember.
—Guest Nuttyalmond

Make a name

For questions that have several amswers like "types of social stratification" take first letter of each answer and make a name like class, caste,ethnicity,gender, race would be CCEGENRR OR CCEGENDERR.
—Guest Delilah

Remembering Names

When I am trying to remember a person's name, I run through the alphabet in my head. The letter that the person's name begins with will usually jump out to me, and 9 times out of 10 I'll remember their full name.

Director APTAC

I like to use Mnemonic associations. I like to use link lists, numeric association lists. I have studied the books by Harry Loraynne and found them very useful. they are The Memory Book, The Page a Minute Memory Book and The Super Power Memory Book. I have read other books as well but I find Harry Loryanne to be the best.
—Guest John Bowden

Memory tip

In my opinion, the best way of memorizing is to first read, underline the matter, write down on your note book in own handwriting, at last revise it in 24 hours. This especially before sleeping, since you can learn unconsciously.
—Guest ranjeet"sagar"


I try to asociate new information with already learned ones and it helps me acquire the new one.
—Guest Rocio

Listen, Write, Read

The memory technique that works best for me is what I like to call "Listen, Write, Read." Basically, I hear something, I write it down and then I read my notes again later. This strategy really seems to cement information in my memory.
—Guest Shareen

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