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Readers Respond: What's Your Favorite Technique for Boosting Creativity?

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Creativity Booster

If you suffer with insomnia because you can't turn OFF the creative process, keep a notebook by your bed to jot down ideas in the middle of the night, thus releasing them from your brain.
—Guest Dawn Meredith

An idea for boosting creativity

I have found that I get my best work done during those extra 15 minutes I am trying to sleep in the morning. Usually, I have a major project coming up and need to find away to make everything fit within the requirements and time frame. Therefore, I feel guilty about trying to sleep a few more minutes and start reviewing everything in my head. During this time I throw out all of the complicated ideas that do nothing except make the project more difficult and determine the best way to get something done. If I need a more general form of inspiration for everyday life, I have found that reading, watching TV, and thinking about a variety of concepts in my head usually lead to the inspiration and insight of what I am truly worried, curios, or inspired about. This usually provides the kick I need to get started.
—Guest Idea


A first step for Boosting Creativity, is to avoid doing things that stop you thinking. Like watching TV, being brainwashed by advertising, becoming hypnotized and even feel how others plan for you. Take control from your own thoughts. Analyze your real needs. Think of any combinations. Don't stick in pre-explained professional matters, be like a kitty; meaning, look around you like you are seeing for the first time with curiosity, trust yourself, do not let others fool you, they are just selling their products. Last but not least, take good care of your body. Having a creative mind needs to be feed by a healthy strong body. Do not put trash (fast food, sugar... food, sugar...) into your precious body. Control all your inputs...it contains of even people you are talking to, do not let people's superstitious mind misleads you. Give yourself sometime to think, yes...it may seem odd, aren't we thinking all the time? I would say "NO".We are not even close to that.
—Guest Catherine


If we are doing any project or any work each time our mind and each and every nerve should think about that work, so by that time I will get new ideas about that work.
—Guest kavya

Creativity is part of our Contentment

I work on cars. I do both auto body repair and mechanical repair. There is nothing more satisfying then to stand back and look at the car you painted or listen to the engine run or having the idiot lights go out. Everyone should have a project or a hobby to work with.
—Guest Terry

What is your Favorite Technique

Reading, and allowing myself to move from one topic to another. I am amazed at what ideas I can discover, especially when I am not looking. I do not see any area or possible connection off limits. I keep my mind as free and open as possible.
—Guest JHS2

A Narrow Focus

I read this in a book somewhere and it's amazing because it takes your mind from the broad to the concrete (which is where creativity will ultimately express itself): Take a walk around the block and select something like the color Red. As you walk, seek out this color and just notice it. It can be any color that inspires you - or any 'thing' that you want to see. Signs of Money, Signs of Love, Signs of Intellectual Brilliance...whatever you want to bring into your focus.
—Guest Jennifer


Suggestions were good ones, but quiet time also works: time alone w/nature. If connecting w/great outdoors isn't possible, a quiet room also works. For me, only way to efficiently recharge brain's, "battery" for creative function.
—Guest Deb

Writing is magical

Writing writing writing about whatever comes to mind clears my thoughts and voila, I get such inspiration for a particular creative project be it a collage, a short story or a drawing. It always works.
—Guest Beth

With reading paper

I always use a white paper for boosting my students creativity in my class.
—Guest abdolrezakordi


A person with positive thoughts, will always be capable of creativity. Positive thoughts leads to peace of mind. A peaceful mind will have more space to new ideas to creativity.
—Guest F A BAIG

inspiration bins

To get new ideas, I pray first, then take a walk, employing my three writing techniques one after the other (OBSERVATION, IMAGINATION, AND EXPERIENCE). By the time I get back from my walk, I feel like I've caught my inspiration.
—Guest Joseph Samuel

Creativity Tips

Your environment is extremely important. Create a space that fits you and your personality. I love to be outside as this is my ideal place..I have a thinking and writing corner outside. In the swing, I think. I have a great chair with a night reading light on my porch and I drink in the creativity around me...birds singing, night sounds or my beautiful mountains and flowers. Enjoy and Create
—Guest June Davidson


Writing is something which i interest in doing every time. It could be a happy or a sad momemt,but expressing your feeling throuh writing makes you feel good in whatever the situation you are in.
—Guest Carmen

boosting creativity

I take a nap thinking about the project I am planning or have a hard time finishing. When I awake I am a very creative. Ideas just flow.
—Guest rosita bynoe

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What's Your Favorite Technique for Boosting Creativity?

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