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Readers Respond: The Best Gift Ideas for Psychology Students

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Finding the perfect Christmas gift for the psychology student in your life can be difficult. Are you a psychology student or psychologist? Is there a psychological gift that you think would be very useful or appreciated. Share your ideas or tell us about the greatest psychology-related gift you've ever received.


A good gift is the book The Brain That Changes Itself, really interesting book.
—Guest Lore

Book Suggestions

I loved 'The Freud-Jung Letters' edited by McGuire; also 'The Right to be Human', a biography of Abraham Maslow, a great gift for a humanist. Also - color-coded pens and highlighters for note-taking; a Moleskine notebook, an eReader (one that will easily take PDF format for those academic papers).
—Guest Helen

Give an App for the Holidays!

My iphone/iPod/iPad app PsycExplorer was created specifically for psychology students. It keeps them up to date on the latest news in psychology, along with audio interviews, the best psychology videos and other resources for psych students. You can "Gift" it in the App store! http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/psycexplorer/id389372937?mt=8
—Guest Michael Britt

Gifts for psychology student

Honestly, I think this website (About.com Psychology) is gift for psychology students who want to learn something new. By becoming educated about psychology, we can play a more vital role in our respective fields.
—Guest maria ejaz

Psychology Gift Recommendations

I would recommend Scientific American "Mind" over Psychology Today, which has cooking & other useless info. I was also surprised that there were no books on the list.
—Guest Steve

Gifts for Psychology Students

Sure a diary will help the students plan their schedule and work accordingly. Well planned study guide will help a lot. That too from a Teacher
—Guest Rajamohan .Prof

Favorite Psychology Gifts

my three favorites are (in no particular order) 1) Freud action figure (was a gift so no idea where it came from), 2) giant neuron from giant microbes and 3) grow a therapist from grow your own.
—Guest mdb

Personal Organizer

The best gift I've ever gotten as a student was a personal organizer. I'm so horrible at keeping track of assignment due dates and exam dates, so having a place to store the syllabus for each of my classes and a calendar to write down important dates has been really, really helpful. It seems like a small, inconsequential gift, but I think the simplest gifts are often the most useful.
—Guest Claribel

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