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Readers Respond: Topics for Psychology Papers

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From the article: Psychology Paper Topics

One reader writes: I'm supposed to write a five page paper for the introductory psychology course that I am taking over the summer. Our instructor told us that we can pick any psychology topic that we are interested in for our paper. I have a lot of ideas, but I'm having a tough time narrowing down my choices. I don't want my topic to be too general, but I don't want it to be so narrow that I have a hard time finding material to write about. Help!

What would you choose to write about if you were in this situation? Please share your ideas with the rest of our readers.

The trend of being cool

I'm supposed to write a graduation paper in Psychology and I have decided to conduct a research on what the youth perceives as cool and uncool, where does this thinking arise from and how does this affect their academic performance and popularity.

Current Events

One good thing to use as a topic would be to find a current event that is related to psychology. You'd be sure to find lots of information and it wouldn't be too broad either. You could also find a lot of different viewpoints on it if it's a current issue.
—Guest Oprah

Psychological Disorders

What you can also is look for disorders and common issues people face. Instead of just writing about the basic facts about a particular psychological disorder, focus instead on the impact it has on an individual's life. How does it affect their daily life? Their family? Their job? This can make a psychology paper much more personal and a lot more interesting.
—Guest gurl

Indigenous psychology

Try to write on indigenous psychology. It is a sub-field of psychology that deals with conventional thoughts, living styles and culture that is native to a region and not transported in from outside areas.
—Guest nisha garg

Think outside the box

One idea would be to take a look at how psychologists blame the client if things do not go the psychologists way and how they try to fit the client into a text book box rather than thinking with their own mind. You could reference Marshal Rosenberg who trained as a clinical psychologist and then changed course to actually listen to the client rather than 'come up with a diagnosis' from a text book and he has had more success with that way of working.
—Guest kezza999


I think area of parapsychology has been neglected from most psychology textbook, so it would make in interesting topic for a psychology paper. When you think constant development of information and information technology. Parapsycological subjects like telepathy, premonitions ideas and so on... by will be crystallized automatically by time goes on!!! Human psyche is a critic organ. If psyche thinks then (whether it is absurd or paradox might be parapsycology) it does achievable most unthinkable matters. I know it is still early to be able to communicate by thoughts now. But think that it was ridiculous idea to travel to the moon or build spaceship spaceship. In the name of (sanity these days) we are sacrificing our most valuable asset. That is our imagination.
—Guest Serif

Idea for a Psychology Paper

How about writing a paper on how the condition PMDD (Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder) is ignored by psychologists and doctors and what a dis-service they are doing to women.
—Guest kezza999

Random Page in Book

I had a class where we had to write a weekly paper on any topic of our choice so I got pretty good at coming up with ideas for psychology papers. On days when I was really desperate and couldn't come up with anything, I'd just open the texbook to a random page and whatever was on that page was what I would write my paper on. It's kind of random, but this method actually led to some of my most interesting papers in that class.
—Guest Mark

Paper Topics

I typically base my topics on the research I can find about them. If your paper needs to have sources from a peer reviewed journal then find out what databases your schools library gives you access to. It's really frustrating to find a topic you like, but then to have a hard time finding good sources. Topic wise though I think the aphasia's are pretty neat, but maybe a bit much for an intro class.
—Guest Tyler

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