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Readers Respond: How Does the Color Blue Make You Feel?

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From the article: Color Psychology - Blue
While blue has different symbolic meanings, individual reactions to the color blue can vary widely. The following are some of the reactions to the color blue that readers have shared.


The color blue is a calm color. But deep ocean blue tends to scare theheck out of me. I can't even appreciate the movie finding Nemo
—Guest Bianca


What if words would have a different meaning for you? What if instead of seeing them, you could hear them, you could feel them, you could taste them? For me blue is more than a favourite colour. It is a part of me; the colour of the blue sky, the smell of a blue coloured flower, the great taste of a blue coloured cake; the sound of a blue wave. Happiness. I look at something blue and makes me feel happy
—Guest Corinne Marie

i LOVE blue!!!!

Blue has been my favorite color for most of my life. It's so calm and peaceful. It reminds me of the ocean. I don't know if any of you have read the Percy Jackson series, but it gives a whole nother reason to love the color. Its so majestic and serene. It also represents loyalty, which makes sense if you've read the book.
—Guest Guest haley

it made me sick as a child

when I was a child the color blue, mostly I just remember it being dark blue like navy, made me physically sick and nauseous to look at. I only remember this happening when I was about the ages of 5 to 9 I don't remember it happening after that and It doesn't bother me now but it is not my favorite color, green is.
—Guest phillip

My favorite color :3

I remember since i was a child i always love BLUE. It reminds me of the sky and sea. For me it symbolizes calmness and peace. I never thought of it as a sad color cause everytime I saw it I feel happy. Blue is happiness ^__^
—Guest Nicx


Blue makes the atmosphere serious. Blue, or maybe dark blue or navy, reminds me of the ocean, unknown and mysterious. I have to feelings. First, I feel quite curious. Second, I feel like something is going to come out from that deepness. Also, the ocean is heavy, right? So. the atmosphere in dark blue gets quite heavy, deep and serious.
—Guest Phantom

Light Blue

I have just painted a room with light blue and when I walk in it feels calming, organised and clean. I have a lot of big leafy trees outside and it feels like the sky is in our room and the greenery is much brighter.
—Guest Smatley


It makes me feel small. Not in a bad way, but in an accepting, relaxed way.
—Guest Kiddo

Blue is depressing

Blue reminds me of cold water; dead as blue skin of a drowning victim. The word blue means sad. It's just depressing as a color inside, or to wear.
—Guest b-rev

Blue is

Blue is what makes me feel secure what I look at and remember when I have nothing I will still have water it is what I look at and it gives me a sense of safety and happiness all shades of blue. I look at this magestic color and see myself who I am who I was who I want to be. Why you my ask I don't know but this color gives me so much strength that it soesnt matter I will always love every and any shade of blue.
—Guest Caroline

Blue makes me feel SUPER sad. :(

The color blue just makes me feel extremely sad. The only shade of blue I can really handle is a dark navy blue. Why is blue the favorite color of so many people?? It is just depressing! D:
—Guest Whistler

I love blue!

I can't help but feel like my heart swells when I see blue. My eyes are blue, my room is blue, for my 12th B-Day, my mom even dyed my dog blue! I love blue. I hate cold, but the blue represents seeing the sky, hope, and purity. I can't express my love for this colour enough!
—Guest Raenna

One of the best

Blue is one of my favorite colors. I say one because there are so many beautiful shades of colors. I love my husband to wear blue shirts. And navy blue looks awesome on most anyone. What is it that I love about blue? I'm not real sure, but I'm using it in my business alot so I hope blue is attractive to most people!
—Guest bloo-ray

What blue makes me think of

Blue makes me think of the Sea,Water, Cold, Football Teams, Hope, Luck, Fresh, Cool and Peace, Happiness, Space, Calmness and Wealth
—Guest Hannah

No BLUE allowed! :)

I've never liked the color blue...I have a hard time wearing it...unless it's a purplish blue or a greenish blue...then its okay....but the lighter the color blue gets the more I hate it...what's sad is that I have blue eyes...a little on the dark side of the blue spectrum...but still blue! Blah! ;) haha the lighter blue eyes get ....the scarier it is for me to look in the persons eyes...not liking the color blue might have to do with my phobia of drains and big bodies of water. ;)
—Guest Lisa

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