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Readers Respond: How Does the Color Brown Make You Feel?

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From the article: Color Psychology - Brown
While brown has different symbolic meanings, individual reactions to the color brown can vary widely. Share your own reactions to the color brown and read some of the responses that readers have shared.

the color brown

I have of late been drawn to the color brown and I feel that this might be a color that is suggestive of something down, depressing or even hostile (e.g. the Nazi color), but this is not my feeling. Before this color rose to my consciousness I had chosen two suits and a sport jacket in brown. But more recently I have been drawn to brown for my informal clothes. (My TV room is brown--my choice.) My feeling about brown has to do with a feeling of affiliation with the earth, soil, the workingman, craftsmen. Monks. I run down on the browns in my color drawings more quickly than any other color by far. Blues and reds are also among my favorites, but it is this marked sliding into brown has me curious about it. Brown is an under appreciated color and I am concerned about choosing this for clothing. It can be a little tiresome over time when it is a room color. My wife and I chose pink for our living room and it was a very pleasant choice. But it is brown for me right now.
—Guest Jim Hart

Soothing and Relaxing

Although I agree brown isn't in the everyday fashion, or everybody's favorite color, I see no reason for dislike or even hatred. In our house, our rooms, perhaps even bathrooms, we commonly see darker or more oranged shades of brown, as they are comforting and have a relaxing sensation to it. Imagine if the weather was freezing and you were forced to walk in a bathroom full of light blue colors. It wouldn't be so relaxing then? If you are paranoid of germs only to walk in a bathroom full of light green, it wouldn't make you feel so much better would it? Even red is rarely seen in bathrooms, as we are already tense enough anyway right? Although we don't think or pay much attention to it, everything in our surroundings are there for a reason. Brown is a relaxing and soothing color, one that we can rely on, and thats why it is used.
—Guest Bboy Pysicx

Brown makes me sick

We just got new floors & they are dyed too dark of a brown. I have such a strong reaction we have to strip & refinish to a more natural varnish. Brown depresses & repulses me! I feel like there is wood paneling closing in on me & I can't breathe. Hair, clothes, furniture- yes. But brown cabinets & floors & oh! I'm going to be sick. It's too much. Too Brady Bunch. Too cheap looking like a motel 6 from the '80's! Natural or white or stone floors are so much better...
—Guest KerrY

Relaxing, warm, friendly

I personally love brown. I have it in my room, and I always feel so calm and relaxed in here. Its neutral and I don't know why but I am in love with neutral colors. I feel like its warm and inviting. Just kind of laid back and not too in your face.
—Guest Ashlyn

I beg to differ....

I don't like brown at all. I will occasionally wear it because as a redhead, I look good in it. My boss loves brown so at work I am surrounded, literally by brown walls, brown floors, brown furniture. I find it depressing and boring. I love bright colors! They raise my spirits, so my wardrobe has lots of green, purple and turquoise.
—Guest Pat


I suppose it all depends on the context that in which the color brown is used. Brown is a very attractive color on many people and can also make an interior space seem warm and inviting. However, the color brown is often associated with foul or vile things. I suppose it is not so much the color brown, but what the color represents.
—Guest Hannah

another post about BROWN

Why does everyone say that brown is depressing? Hello...chocolate is BROWN! Is chocolate suddenly for people who are trying to convince themselves to commit SUICIDE?! Umm...no. In fact, I go to chocolate (preferably dark) in times of sorrow. It's a go-to color...back to brown, not chocolate! Plus, I am a brunette...and yes, I love my hair color. BTW, why would the middle of the forest be your favorite place, GUEST DI?! Have you even been in the middle of a forest? Not exactly where I would find my paradise! Hey, Bambi is brown...and Bambi is cute. What now, brown doubters?!!! Don't you just love how my rabbit trails in this post all go back to the color brown? HAHA:) Oh wait, I guess that is the point, HUH? Whatever! I am very bored right now...but anyways, brown is NOT depressing. Sigh...(>-
—Guest Kelli

I Like Brown

I like the color brown because it makes me think about chocolate!
—Guest Deeviah

the color brown

it gives the impression of boring, dull, dried out, lifelessness.
—Guest casper

Love Browns in Interiors!

I love browns as of late (never have previously) very popular for interior. Great base colour for complementing with creams, gold, and rich burgundy and antiques. Now I love wearing it too. with white, cream and gold. Depending on the shade it can create a very peaceful, yet sophisticated and homely feel. I colour that is classy, but tolerable without being distracting like some other brighter colours can be but not totally drowning in it!
—Guest Tanya

It's all about brown

It makes me feels simple, my skin naturally brown, my eyes as well, wearing brown dress, love chocolate, most all furnitures at home are brown ---- I'm just crazy with brown colour....
—Guest Jeng


It makes me feel warm and light brown can make me feel soft too!!
—Guest Suzzy

Comfort, security and relief

Brown is warm like hot coco by a brick fire place, the satisfying mood up lift of a chocolate bar, the bark of a tree, used to build home giving one the sense of protection.

Ravishing brunette

My hair is dyed the deepest darkest brown I could find. Brunette is sexy! My natural color is medium brown, but I wanted to be mysterious and exotic.

colour brown

Dull, stagnating, too earthy. Like brown trees accompanied with their green foliage. A walk through a forest, is pleasurable.
—Guest Jill Cleggett

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