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Readers Respond: How Does the Color Brown Make You Feel?

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From the article: Color Psychology - Brown
While brown has different symbolic meanings, individual reactions to the color brown can vary widely. Share your own reactions to the color brown and read some of the responses that readers have shared.

Odd feelings on brown

I like brown colors, I think they're warm and inviting... they make me think of fall, being comfortable and cozy, and also chocolate... However that being said, I don't like brown haired/furred animals and I have an extremely strong dislike for brunette women (I am a hetero female and oddly enough am more attracted to men with darker hair)... I think having brown hair is disgusting, dirty, gross, and I often say that I would cut my head off if I had brown hair... I'm a dark blonde, and nothing infuriates me more than for people to say I have light brown hair... because I don't. It makes me feel like I am less than, inferior, etc... because being blonde is ideal and preferred, attractive and beautiful...
—Guest Person

Warm,cozy, safe

I just love brown. Especially on animals. It makes me feel secure and warm and more cheery. It really helps when I'm around a animal with brown fur.
—Guest Kara


Brown is associated with earth and nature. It's a natural and enviting color, depending on the intensity of it, it may evoke different feelings to a person. A dark brown may suggest gloomy feelings, while a light brown suggests warm and enviting feelings. Since it is such a natural common color, brown a Go to color for most people.
—Guest Anon


I live in a house where every wall is brown, carpets are brown, tile has brown in them, and couches are tan. I'm depressed any time I'm inside for a long period of time. I think I have discovered that this is why. I can't paint the house as it's not mine, so I'm stuck feeling like that.
—Guest me

Color Psychology - Brown

Brown makes me want to change the color quickly, makes me restless and depressed. Wearing brown makes me feel ugly, drab and boring. I REALLY don't like brown or beige furniture or clothes. I like brown skin tones, brown eyes, and brown animals

My Favorite Color is Beige and Brown

i don't understand why i'm so obsessed to this color. i found it attractive, comforting and very relaxing :)
—Guest Jay-ar


I've always thought of brown as such an ugly color. It reminds me of dirty things and makes me feel gross. On the other hand, it can also be very beautiful. For example, brown animals and wooden structures. Even people. Babies with brown skin especially are incredibly adorable!! So, for me, my reaction depends on the context in which I see the color.
—Guest Kaylie

one healing color brown

To me brown is a color of security and stability because the time when I started to like the color brown I was feeling connected to something strong and after a long while I felt like myself again. Brown helps you to heal and to feel your own roots. :)
—Guest nora

Reaction to Color Brown

In a room color scheme, too much brown makes me feel closed-in, heavy, dark, depressed! I only like it in tiny doses or against lots of light, airy, whites for balance! In clothing, it can be nice, either elegant and classic , or sorta casual, natural and earthy!
—Guest Pink


Grounding, classic, reserved, lacking inspiration, restful, meditative, nourishing. Usually a base color that is accented by other colors.
—Guest chad

Warm, Welcomed, Comfortable, Normal,

The warm color just makes you at home, makes you think of a tropical day AT THE BEACH.
—Guest Me

Makes me feel...kind of empty

Brown makes me feel lonely, a little bit unwanted and left out.
—Guest LLess

Warm and Soft

I love creamy chocolate brown. I warm cozy feel. Hazelnut brown, I quite love it. I count brown as a bright warm color, light brown in my favorite. Eck, im not a fan of dark brown. I find it quite icky.
—Guest Alex


At some times brown makes me feel isolated and sad but other times it makes me feel like everything is going to be all right.
—Guest Tereena

the color brown

I have of late been drawn to the color brown and I feel that this might be a color that is suggestive of something down, depressing or even hostile (e.g. the Nazi color), but this is not my feeling. Before this color rose to my consciousness I had chosen two suits and a sport jacket in brown. But more recently I have been drawn to brown for my informal clothes. (My TV room is brown--my choice.) My feeling about brown has to do with a feeling of affiliation with the earth, soil, the workingman, craftsmen. Monks. I run down on the browns in my color drawings more quickly than any other color by far. Blues and reds are also among my favorites, but it is this marked sliding into brown has me curious about it. Brown is an under appreciated color and I am concerned about choosing this for clothing. It can be a little tiresome over time when it is a room color. My wife and I chose pink for our living room and it was a very pleasant choice. But it is brown for me right now.
—Guest Jim Hart

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