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Readers Respond: How Does the Color Orange Make You Feel

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From the article: Color Psychology - Orange
While orange has different symbolic meanings, individual reactions to the color orange can vary widely. The following are some of the reactions to the color orange that readers have shared. Think about how the color orange makes you feel and share your reactions below.

orange is the color of safety

When I see orange I feel a sense of safety, comfort, and sometimes romance.
—Guest Steve


In my bedroom one wall is lime green the other is orange. Weird or what?(and I like it)
—Guest oranges


I was told to look to see my response to orange: it is not there. OMG! oops! I was the one who had a good memory of orange and then my opinion changed as the dept. of corrections used that color for their attire when I worked as a nurse in a facility that had a contract with that faction.
—Guest pattiroth

There she glows

Do you remember ever holding up an orange icy pole towards the sun as a kid and watch it start to glow, tantalizing and bright, that's what orange reminds me of.
—Guest Cathy

The Feeling of the Color Orange

Orange used to mean orange soda or the tang-like flavor, it reminded me of the orange Popsicle with vanilla ice cream: the feeling of that lovely orange flavor. Since I worked in a facility where I was a nurse, the color orange equated with the color of the department of corrections, not a favorite color. It became a "guarded" feeling of that color. But if the color orange is in a rose, that makes me think of beauty, the feeling of smelling that wonderful fragrance that a rose carries. The color orange has opened several doors for me.
—Guest pattiroth

The Color Orange

The color orange makes me think of spirituality and compassion. I find that meditation is helped when I am close to orange objects.
—Guest sikhme

Greatest psychologists

Sir C. G. Jung, for the collective unconscious, synchronicity, primeval expanse and many more..
—Guest bin

Repulsive ... At times.

The picture on the Orange page was somewhat repulsive... A bloody ochre color. That was only because of the type of color it was, though.
—Guest TheOddStrange

Oh, Orange...

Not my absolute favourite, but here is my insight on orange. It's very energetic, it's used to draw attention, it's flashy and pop-artish, it's enthusiastic, warm and a bit childish. It also reminds me of Autumn, cats, tulips, ginger hair, cheese, sweet potatoes, carrots... The list just goes on and on!
—Guest alice

oOrange feature wall

I just painted a bedroom wall in bright orange. It looks fun, and different, the wife loves it...but had a few arguments about nothing since doing it. Hence why I am looking into the psychology of colours
—Guest simon

Orange is awesome!

Not my favorite, but I like it for it's uniqueness. I love wearing it in summer when my skin is tan. I think it adds a nice pop in decor and it feels so beachy and warm! :)
—Guest Zoe

Warm & fuzzy all over

I absolutely gravitate towards warm oranges. My kitchen is brown and orange as is my living room. It makes me feel good and different from others decor. Which is always the Same old same old. Blue, green, tan, yuck. Give me warmth from mellow orange.
—Guest Geema


Orange combined with other colors looks pleasing to the eye. The orangish color of sunset looks beautiful...but too much of orange is a no no..

Orange Looks Pretty

Orange is an attractive colour. During sunset the sun appears in orange colour and seems as an orange is - very beautiful to see. Any bird or animal look beautiful in orange colour. I think it suits for kids rather than adults. For adults it feels to be odd. In case of buildings, I think its not a preferable colour.
—Guest priyanka

There's nothing worse than orange cars..

Say I see a small orange square: that's fine. The orange is bright and energetic. But allow the colour to spread? I can't stand it! When I'm skiing and I see a skier dressed in orange, I just can't wait to get away from them. Orange cars give me a little bit of road rage. Bright orange colours make a person more annoying to me. Orange, quite frankly, gets under my skin!
—Guest Fiona MacDonald

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