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Readers Respond: How Does the Color Orange Make You Feel

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From the article: Color Psychology - Orange
While orange has different symbolic meanings, individual reactions to the color orange can vary widely. The following are some of the reactions to the color orange that readers have shared. Think about how the color orange makes you feel and share your reactions below.

Mixed feelings

I detese this color with every fibre of my soul. its repulsive. For some reason I can't stand artificial orange. It makes me want to scream. But at my cottage there are wild orange bleeding heart flowers and orange Lilly's, and I find them quite beautiful against the green, but honestly I love any color from nature. They calm me. But orange is usually a very loud and jarring color, and I hate it.
—Guest Elf in your closet


I don't honestly care for 'manufactured' orange, as seeing products or rooms this colour somehow remind me of vomit, and the colour also feels unapproachable. When in nature, however, the colours remind me of fall, which can be pleasant.
—Guest Ajax


I greatly dislike orange. No other color really invokes a noticeable mood change in me. Orange, however, makes me rage like a bull. When paired with blue it's worse.
—Guest kayohh


Any kid from the 90's will asosiate this color with good old nick and Kenan & kel, experiencing thus nostalgia, far from all those feelings of energy and strength you all describe, proving once again how color ends being just a subjective thing.
—Guest Dan

Sorry, orange but you bother me

Whilst I love to eat oranges, mandarins and mangoes, the colour orange in it's more intense and darker shades stirs in me feelings or irritability, annoyance, and even nausea with a touch of a head ache. I don't know why, I am not normally so anti-colours but alas orange does it to me every time (particularly that nasty shade of burnt orange)
—Guest Orangist


A dim orange light in my room seems to give me the energy to stay awake far longer then I normally would. This interests me because I truly felt that way before researching its effects.
—Guest Jaxon

Orange is the happiest color!! :)

Halloween is my favorite holiday so my favorite colors are orange, purple and green (also my wedding colors but orange is my favorite of the 3 sometimes I can't decide between orange or purple but it's mostly orange ... it puts me in a couple moods at once but they're all happy, feel good moods! ;) I am instantly drawn to orange whenever I pass by It. I have to look at it! Surprised my car isn't orange (my car is metallic gray)! Haha I was expecting to see all of the colors be super high...except orange...it is the least liked color...until I saw that yellow was the same as orange...I thought yellow was more popular than orange! Crazy! Thought I'd also add I hate the color blue! I can't even write with it because it bugs me!...not sure why? I don't like pink that much either unless it's dark pink or neon....otherwise...blah! ;)
—Guest Lisa

electrifying orange

I absolutely love the color orange. Even as a little girl, I truly liked the way the color struck my eyes.....it had sort of a feeling that touched my heart. I was passionate about it.....I used to be afraid to say I liked the color orange because back then it was not a popular color or acceptance. It was bold and vibrant..... I think I was afraid to make such a bold fashion statement. As years passed I started to see more and more of the color orange. Even the department stores started dressing their mannequins in orange. This reaction to the color orange made me feel more confident in what I loved. I anticipated and procrastinated a very long time to wear orange. I remember crocheting a tangerine afghan, that's what they referred the color orange as..... now I am positive about wearing it and I smile at others who wear it! I am so confident that i want to have my bday color scheme theme in orange! Its going to be a orange out festivity! I will be queen for a day that day...

Orange is IT

I love orange and find it especially invigorating paired with black.
—Guest alex


I am drawn to colors according to the season. I love orange right now because it's October! Orange is delicious and vibrant and joyous! It is warm and comforting and so much fun! i could have it everywhere right now! I think in the spring, I lovely light coral orange would please me. Ahhh...
—Guest Em

It's iffy...

Well, dark orange is threatening, warning; where as light orange is just the opposite, warm and assuring... but it depends where the orange is or what entity is orange...
—Guest Sava

One of My Least favorite colors

I like orange sun set skies and the orange color of candle light and in the fall but other than that orange to me is just...aggravating. Weird enough though I love seeing orange pumpkins and leaves in the fall, but I would NEVER wear orange.

Love Hate with orange

Orange is very energetic. I don't always like the energy that I get from it, though. It's really hard to say what the feeling is, because it's kind of raw energy, really...

Orange like fun and joy

Orange is the color that shows exciting and fun. When I see orange color feel freshness and safety everywhere. It is very pretty and charm color. It has become famous color in fashion industry. Orange is energetic and playful color in daily life.
—Guest hooria

orange is the color of safety

When I see orange I feel a sense of safety, comfort, and sometimes romance.
—Guest Steve

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