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Readers Respond: How Does the Color Pink Make You Feel?

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From the article: Color Psychology - Pink
While pink has different symbolic meanings, individual reactions to the color pink can vary widely. The following are some of the reactions to the color pink that readers have shared.

A most versatile color!

Pink is not a color that looks good on me, being a redhead and all, but I do love particular shades. I'm not into the soft pastel variety, but I love the vibrant hot-pink or neutral more sophisticated tones. I'm hardly feminine, and actually tend to think that pink has far broader effects and feelings than girliness--It can be crazy, it can be subtle, it can be energetic, it can be peaceful, it can be erotic, it can be innocent. It is surprisingly versatile!
—Guest Jo


pink makes me extremely uncomfortable and induces gender dysphoria
—Guest fella

Pink and purple

I work in a before and after school club plus all day in the school and we recently changed our club uniform to pink and purple. The children love it and we have had so many compliments, I don't wear it out of work but enjoy wearing it for work. Teamed with black trousers it looks professional too!
—Guest Cazzipy


WOW...I'm surprised at such negative response to a color. I LOVE Pink, it makes me feel feminine, beautiful, & like a real woman. I'm not saying that others wouldn't do the same for others, this is just what it does for me. As a little girl I was not really into it, but now I love it as well as blue, yellow & the list goes on. I was in an accident & saved someone's life & lost the use of my legs, so now I'm in a wheelchair, so I need things that make me feel pretty because there are a lot of people out there that look down on those of use that are STUCK in wheelchairs. I have to look my best. I am a pretty lady, not nessicarily gorgeous but I have been told I'm a very pretty woman. But, I'm also one that enjoy the 50's style dresses with the full skirts & I love my high heals! I'm out of date some but I love the look of the time. When men loved theirs wives & were proud to be seen with them. I'm sorry for those that are so critical about it you don't use it! But, try & smile anyway! :)
—Guest Lynn


One of the most hilarious sights is seeing a guy react to pink as if it were a spider. When I see a guy react like that, I think: insecure about his sexuality, easily brain-washed and thus weak minded. In America, boys are conditioned/brain-washed to hate pink. I don't wear it often, but if I am sad, restless or if it is a gray, cloudy day, then, I will wear it and suddenly I feel free, energetic, in a better mood, wanna go outside, go to the beach. Pink houses or 1950s cars make me suddenly happier. Pink always looks good on women and when I see a guy in pink, it means he is secure, maybe rebellious, independent, strong-minded, free-thinker. Pink makes everyone look healthier. Men in other countries are not terrified of pink and wear it more often. American society is built on a Puritan English and German foundation, two cultures not known for color know-how. Go to any American financial district and it looks like a funeral.

pink is awful

i absolutely hate pink! who decided that pink is for girls and that we are suppose to like it? I don't need pink to be feminine. girls please! calm down on the pink!
—Guest realistic

a second yellow

while at first you don't mind it becomes as tiresome to look at the more time it passes, just like yellow, is a noisy and obnoxious color.
—Guest Dan

Yeah for pink!

I LOOOOOOOOOVE pink! Everything in my room is pink cuz I've got a pink attack, as my mom says. It makes me feel like Im in a loving place, like everybody loves and cares for each other in the smoochy was you only see on TV!!!! :) Yeah pink!
—Guest Samantha A. Price


Pink is my favortie color of all! Everyone tells me how i'm such a pink person. I'm always wearing pink no matter what. To me pink makes me happy! When its rainy and black outside i usually wear more pink than usual because i feel it brightens my day. i absolutely LOVE the color pink(:
—Guest ashley

Pink Isn't Bad

It bothers me when people act disgusted when I say I like the colour pink. I can understand that there a lot of women out there who are vapid, brainless, and self centered who enjoy the colour, but that's not to say that the suggested personality can't also love green or blue or black or any other colour. I love pink and I am a good person. I treat people with kindess as best as I can, and I don't discriminate against others for their looks or their likes and dislikes. I am girly, but I am also very tom boyish. Pink is only just that. It's a colour. For a long time during my childhood I would also feel disgusted about the colour pink, but then I grew up and realized that I was wrong. I can be a WOMAN. Girly, boyish, neutral, whatever. I can be a WOMAN who enjoys a color, that just so happens to be pink. People who get disgusted by the color pink are still in the understanding that it defines them as "weak" or "vapid" or "too girly". Pink can be anyone's color.
—Guest Ribbons

Leave pink to Nature

I like a nice bright coral color or really pale pink, but just out and out pink? UGH. I had a bluish-green bike as a kid and just loved that thing, rode it every time I got a chance. If my parents had bought me a pink one, I believe I would have let it sit in the shed untouched. Pink is cute on babies, other than that, I don't need pink to tell the world I am a woman. Pink should be reserved for flowers and babies and sunsets, some of nature's finest creations.
—Guest Felicia

I hate pink

Pink pisses me off! What does that mean? I feel very aggressive and agitated when I see this color I can't stand it !!! Can somebody tell me what that means please. As a child, I used to cry whenever I was near it.
—Guest Leo

Despise Pink

No idea why, perhaps it was Barbara Cartland on TV when I was a kid, everything in Pink, even her cat. A puckie looking pink, just, vile. I imagine myself plucking out the eyes of the wearer of the pink dress/shirt, just to add a couple of dabs of red to the putrid pink. At least it would blend then. Bahh, hate pink.
—Guest Leo

Comforting to the sick, suffering . . .

In my years as a hospital chaplain I have usually worn a white, gray or black shirt, but one day I tried something very different - a pastel pink shirt with a gray sport coat and black slacks and shoes. I noticed a difference in the reception I received from the patients I visited. They seemed to be more friendly and open, even cheerful. It could have imagining it so I wore the same clothes one day a week for the next five weeks, and I would say my first impression was correct. A modest change in some patients mood or demeanor, but noticeable to me. In any case, it's made me aware that some knowledge of color psychology can certainly be helpful beyond decorating and fashion.

Pinkk ♥

Personally I think Pink is a great color. It makes someone feel confident and sexy about themselves. I feel like pink lets me express myself. Pink makes me feel wild and free and young , like I am. Pink is a color any one can wear it makes them be noticed and some people like to be. Pink isn't a bad color its a great color and its commonly used to express people's personality. Pink makes me feel Pretty and Flirty, so don't hate on pink just because you find it ugly! #TeamPink #BarbieForLife
—Guest BeautifulTanBarbie

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