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Readers Respond: How Does the Color Pink Make You Feel?

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From the article: Color Psychology - Pink
While pink has different symbolic meanings, individual reactions to the color pink can vary widely. The following are some of the reactions to the color pink that readers have shared.

The color of attraction

When a woman wears a little pink I find sometimes find them to be more attractive, but too much pink causes hate and disgust for me.
—Guest Steve

Love it

I've always liked pink. There was a time where my mom had to tell me that i needed to pick another color, because that was all I would wear. So now my closet is pink and blue:)
—Guest VTV

Never got to wear pink as a child

As a little girl I loved pink and everything girl-ish but my mum HATED pink and never got me anything pink. I think I was 9 when I finally got a pink outfit on my birthday...I was so happy, was my favourite outfit. Now I've got 2 girls and I will never refuse to let them wear pink but I have to admit I'm a bit sick of it as it's my older girl favourite colour and I much rather some nice earthy colours or nice blue.
—Guest Halo

Pink is Heaven

Although green used to be my favorite color, pink has the strongest and deepest emotional influence to me. The color pink to me has a deeply joyful vibe to it. Like being "home". A familiar friendly place deep within everyone's heart where there are no worries, you are never lonely, you have everything in life that you ever wanted. You are loved and accepted by everyone. You feel as if you'll never get old. Anyone you've missed or lost in life, you are able to meet once again and rejoice. You feel one with the Universe and you know this special place will always exist.
—Guest Marcy7268


For me, pink refers to female, but I think identification of feelings and linking a color is always dependent on our early childhood. Many people get different reactions to the same color. To some extent they act common but not always.
—Guest gururaja

Pink makes prisoners insane

A study was done in prison. They divided the prisoners into 5 groups. Each group had to live in rooms that were 100% one color. Even the serving trays and clothes, sheets, toilets, everything. The prisoners in the blue and green rooms become more relaxed and slept more. The yellow prisoners were hard to settle. Some were happier, some were more irritated. Purple made them calm and relaxed. It's a healing color. Well the poor prisoners in pink pulled out their fingernails with their teeth, committed suicide, killed other inmates, self-mutilated, argued and fought constantly, and threatened the guards with death. Pink, on the one hand is a girls favorite color. On the other it's demonic.
—Guest Mark

Not a Fan of Pink

Pink reminds me of Pepto Bismal & puke!!!! It was the color the stuff the janitor used to clean up puke when someone threw up in school.


When I wear pink lipstick, men will always smile and approach me more. Automatically they find me more attractive...
—Guest Meme

Love/hate/like whats the difference?

I am not obsessed with pink, but people why do we have to argue about it? I mean, it's just a color and people have different thoughts on it. So I propose that we just stay calm and not get all mad. So peace be with you all and keep the earth clean.
—Guest robotgirl

Pink thought

Pink doesn't really have me feel anything unless being surrounded by the color - it makes me aggravated.
—Guest lynn


I hated pink when I was a young girl. I was offended and disgusted that the world tells us that 'all little girls love pink.' at that phase in my life (5 to teen years) I loved black the most. Pink made me want to throw up. But then I grew up. I'm still not a pink person but I will wear it if it's the right tone. And it looks really sharp as an unexpected punch of color in modern design. (I just did one bathroom wall salmon pink. SO hot!) will have to wait and see how I like it after a few months. Haha.
—Guest Takinganhour


Pink doesn't really make me feel a particular way. I used to be partial to hot pink, but recently I've started to like the very light sort of pink, so it almost looks white but you can just see the pink in it, but as for, you know, bubblegum pink and kind of medium pink, I've never liked that shade much. I like little bits of pink sometimes, but I've never felt I wear the colour very well so I generally steer clear of it myself, though I've seen people who wear it very well.
—Guest Garland

Childish Much.? (YES)

This goes to Guest Dilbar and Guest blue - Well first of all, pink is not the worst color. It's not that bad. I used to love pink maybe because I was young, but now I'm in to blue but that doesn't mean I hate people who wear it or won't even wear a "speck of pink." That's just ignorant and stupid. IT'S JUST a color like seriously, I think y'all are being a little childish. Like saying you despise people who wear it or love that color… uhmm well really it's not that serious. Your favorite color is your favorite color you can't go through life not liking people because of stupid stuff like that. It's not cool. That's like saying I hate everyone with black hair or I hate everyone who likes pop tarts. That's not right at all… rather childish. I definitely don't like or dislike people based on the color they like pink makes me feel young and pretty and it makes me think of love and I like the color, it's just not my favorite. My room is actually pink I would rather it be blue but I don't really care :)
—Guest BrEaNnA BaBy:)

special moments

My granbaby wanted to google the color pink, it's her favorite. She said pink makes her feel happy and that it is close to color red and that makes me smile. Also she said some boys might think of red as fire but me I just smile. She feels pink is making come back with boys"remember Bo had pink shirt and he wore it well. Yes ma'am I thought he looked pretty dog gone good" She wanted to have it noted on this site that pink shows how strong people are especially boys she said because they might have other boys picking on them. I love you my sweet "sunshine" you never fail to brighten my day. God bless you always


Wow! Guest Blue, you've got some anger issues! I'm with Kelli!!! Guys do look hot in pink. BTW, just for some defense, a lot of the guys at my school want to wear pink but can't...umm,we wear stupid uniforms. So, even the guys agree that pink is (USUALLY) awesome. It's kinda retarded to go smashing something when you're outnumbered. Just saying! Pink is really just a love-hate color...and then there are those of us who could care less. Right?
—Guest PINK ADVOCATE...not lover though

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